3:49 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Quotas
    The CPA Fed
    I agree this goes on. I've been at agencies where one or more of the following has happened: 1) awards on a rotating basis, 2) no award because the boss does not like you, 3) never figured out how to get outstanding in spite of being the "go to" person, 4) received top grades when surely deserved less, and 5) less money for same score than those before me. I agree that the money should vary but the scores should be the same whether money is available for not. In prior employment, I have also seen an "all girls network" replace the "old boy network" with the same bad affects repeated. People will be people.
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  • "all girls network"
    You have that right. I can't remember how many interviews I've had where the panel was three white females. Half the time I felt like just turning around since I knew I had zero chance at being selected. Invariably they hired a white female with less education, experience, and fewer accomplishments than me. And the certainly weren't Veterans.
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  • Pay for no performance
    Agent 99
    There certainly seems to be a problem with the appraisal system. My manager works from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with an hour lunch, and she received a very high rating and bonus last year. She works so little that when I try to contact her it can take 2 days for her to respond and then she tells me to look it up myself. Talk about being dispirited!
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  • quotas
    I was told that although I deserved a 5 rating, they couldn't give it to me because of the budget cutbacks. I didn't know that the rating is tied to a required amount of money to be given. Although additional money would be nice, many people care more about the rating for career purposes. There should be a way of separating out the rating from the monetary requirement. This hurts morale.
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  • Quotas reality check!
    Quotas are present in both government and private industry. "Diversity balance" is a key component in promotions. Until the government decides to hire based solely on qualifications and merit, we will continue to have these discussions. As a frontline manager, I am directed to contribute to this controversy. Details, projects and evaluations are skewed towards helping certain minority groups. Meanwhile, managers were advised in December not to expect anything above a meets evaluation. Payband links performance and pay raises (or lack there of); managers in my Operation will be expecting no pay raise again.
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  • Evaluations
    Isn't there something in your evaluation about recognizing or promoting diversity. it should be getting the best out of all of your subordinates instead of just certain ones.
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  • Pressure Ratings
    I haven't seen a lot of so called Quota Ratings, but I have seen pressure ratings. When I worked in a Service Center the Pets and Trouble Makers got the best ratings. Pets so they could get an upgrade, and Trouble Makers so manager could get rid of them. The best performers were graded just above the average. Only problem managers had was most of us were on quality and quanity reviews (quantity no longer exists) and they had no control over those two ratings. So they adjusted with the Other Duties As Assigned Rating....................I don't see that with my current job, but I have seen the "You just got an upgrade, so you have to be average the first year." Then you have to fight your way back up. I use the usual question....what do I need to do to get the next level up. If no answer, or "do what your doing", I get it the next year. It's all a game.
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