1:06 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Performance Evaluations
    JR Samples
    It was well known in my division that if you did your job and did it well, you would receive an average rating. The only way to to be rated higher was to walk on water. The one division with a high percentage of employees receiving performance awards was the personnel division. And reverse discrimination also existed when positions were filled.
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  • Evaluation Quotas
    Yes,quotas exist either officially or unofficially.When PMS for managers was implemented about 30 years ago;only 5% were supposed to be outstanding or unacceptable;25% either exceeds or minimally acceptable;and 40% satisfactory.It didn't work;you had about 75% rated exceeds or outstanding.The most blatant example of no quotas is SES evaluations.There is no way 90% of SESers deserve awards.For non managers it's time to do away with the graded evals of 5 to 1 or whatever and implement a pass/fail system.Have an awards money pool and divide equally among the employees rated passing.Yes there's problems with pass/fail;but is the current numeric system any better?
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  • P/F
    No system works if the process doesn't really measure performance. When we had the pass/fail my division chief directed that all receive a Pass.
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  • Proven to be true
    This is fact supported by an OIG investigation just go to the USPS OIG site and look for the audit on pay for performance for FY2009. OIG found that there was orders from hight and collusion
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  • quotas and eval scores
    As a front line manager, I've been told ratings in the group were too high and should be brought down.I write evals according to the CJEs, so I just wonder how my boss expected me to bring them down without being unfair to employees.On the other hand, I've been in groups where employees who were buddies with the manager, or who protested the loudest, were given what seemed to be excessively high evals.When I first started with my agency, I was in a group where the manager was widely known to be having an affair with an employee, who of course, got all 5s; we all knew this employee was not an outstanding employee. Since becoming a manager, I've also learned that the awarding of eval scores, and the resulting awards, to front line managers, at least in our area, is done on a sort of rotating basis - if you got one this year, you know you're getting at best a Meets the next year.I suppose this is an attempt at fairness of sorts, but is it really fair to treat your high performing employees the same as those who just squeak by? I have no doubt, from talking to people all around the country, that this sort of thing is common.
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  • Evaluation quotas
    Yes it's very common to base evaluation scores on how much award money there is in the budget. So common, in fact, that it is considered normal standard operating procedure by all managers at my agency. When the agency's budget is constrained then managers are told to reduce the number of excellent and outstanding performance evaluations. When there are no budget worries, then number of excellents and outstandings are expanded. I was shocked and dismayed when I first of learned of this practice since I was in private industry for most of my career. My response to my manager was that staff should get evaluations that reflect their actual performance whether there is award money available or not. If there are no awards because of budget constraints, so be it - but the staff should still get the performance evaluation that they deserve.
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  • Quotas
    Amazed and/or Disheartened
    of course there are quotas. We always knew about it, there were always winks about no quotas, but this past year in particular I know a Manager actually admitted that there wer only so many 4 and 5's allowed by our Agency/Bureau so most had to swallow it. Even if challenged it would in all liklihood come back to haunt them next year.
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