9:32 pm, May 22, 2015

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    I'm a 46 year old woman that has worked with the public in the 4 corners area for 28 years,mostly in Grocery stores.And in the small community of Navajo Dam,I am recognized ,from working for the St.Park,but,usually from Safeway ,and it is always a positive reaction ,and a smile.I went to work at the US Post Office ....I have never seen anyone behave in such a outrageous ,intolerable , maliciousness,evil,dominating,manner.No One would ever get away with the way she treats customers, in any grocery store I Guarantee that!But she does it every day in ("HER OFFICE").And then The Officer in Charge at Navajo Dam New Mexico US Post Office,hired me,intentionally harassed,instead of trained me ,and fired me over the phone ,for visiting the Retired Post Master that trained her.And I did with concern on what to do about my mail thieving,abusive,hostile,control freak, incompetent, malicious,jealous,evil,childish,Supervisor,that mailed me direct evidence,5 days after firing me on the phone ,because she could not control her anger,after she found out.I didn't even get my second Saturday to prove to her that I could do the job...Ha.........?Prove to her ..Ha,She lied to 2 government agencies about my employment there,(unemployment office and Food stamp office)Unemployment contacted me with concern,because I had just went through hell trying to report my job at the PO to them.I was receiving from St.Park ,The nice lady very nicely apologized,and told me part of the reason why my case was taking so long ,I had already been on it for about a year,she said I was famous very famous .In 29 years she had never turned down a case ,but if your told that you have to ask a question that you feel is inhuman you can,a week later she heard no one would take my case ,she did thank god for that lady,and then she had to ask "are you member of the human race?" And I could write a story so long and unbelievable that it would turn into a soap opera ,that women wake up without their makeup on.(I've always wanted to do that ,but never did I imagine,this chapter in the book.Multiple incidents ,I will never forget,the time when T J,a very nice gentleman and a fishing guide on the San Juan,he sadly stated that he wished Gretchen(deceased owner of The Hideaway)could have a free box since she had been gone a couple years now.She stood on her toes stretched her arms behind her back ,lunged forward and screamed at him"It's the Post Master's decision and I'm not changing it!!" I was so embarrassed,I almost died,I was so shocked and embarrassed to be standing behind the counter with her. My wright to sue letter is waiting for me to go get at ("HER POST OFFICE")that is her words ,the ones I heard the most,besides Kelly's Shuttle Service business,couldn't help but overhear,the PO phone was broke and stayed on speaker phone ,plus there mite have been one Post Office customer to every 5 Shuttle Service customer's.I noticed her husband has changed the name of it now.I,m trying to find a lawyer that will help with my formal complaint,not any federal employee attorney's in San Juan County or in New Mexico,The PO lawyer tried more than once to get me to change my fired letter from the OFIC, to that I voluntarily resigned ,I of course refused.Anyone want to help??I have suffered a great deal ,I thought of suicide for months ,she needs to be stopped before she hurts some more Innocent people , ongoing from September 2011 orientation to December 2 2011,fired but still ongoing ,I can't afford to go 21 miles for my mail,I can't generate revenue for the PO ,like I was ,Selling Antique Jewelry in my online store ,no longer opera table, can't use my online account with PO.because of her intentionally financially and emotionally devastating me.I've been strong all my life ,but in less than one year I have aged at least 10.And she represents the United States Post Office .The EEO mediator and the PO lawyer say that I don,t have a case. I'll fight forever ...but should n,t have to,according to the Orientation Manual ...Do YOUR PART REPORT IT - AND WE VALUE ARE EMPLOYEES>>>ETHICS I TOOK AN OATH TO PROTECT THE MAIL !!!! BUT I'm paying for it even more now .Tired Cold Hungry Hurt as far as I'm concerned she's guilty of attempted murder and the PO stands behind her,and wish I would just Disappear,if I do then you know what happened ,I won't kill my self,but she wants me too ! She knows I am an EYE WITNESS ti alot more of her illegal actions .GROSS WASTE OF TIME MONEY AND ENJOYMENT OF LIFE !!!! AND STOLEN TIME TAKEN AWAY FROM MY MOTHER
    Jessene Beecroft-Banks
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