3:34 am, May 24, 2015

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  • The Real Story
    NRCS Chief David White recently issued an all hands email apologizing for the release of this "wrong" information. That may be so but what David White should issue an apology for is OPM stripping NRCS hiring authority under his watch, while the fired former Deputy Chief of Management still walks the halls, has their own executive office and still collects SES pay. This person was fired because she alledgedly hired relatives under open vacancy announcements, used agency funds to house her hired relatives in a TDY apartment in DC and threw veterans preference for many applicants out the window. When David White testifies before Congress he sound like he is in control and uses his car salesman public relation skills to hide the mess at the NRCS. Morale is in the gutter, they are still grooming and trying to promote unqualified people that have no farm experience telling farmers how to manage their lands. It is a disgrace.
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  • and the fun continues
    Mr. White had another teleconference today where he essentially told us that 'further guidance is forthcoming'. We've been waiting since October for word on the re-structuring / VSIP/VERA and today were told 'we have approval to do a plan'.
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