8:24 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • If the Buy Out had increase with Inflation
    Hi remember the $25,000 buy outs being used in 1989. The value of the $25,000 from 1989 to 2012 is now $45,700. Of course that would be much higher if that same $25,000 was used earlier. If the government is having probelems getting people to leave maybe they should adjust the buy out to inflation for current dollars. $50,000 would be better, and probably should be even higher.
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  • Incentive to leave vs. disincentive to stay....
    Offers of 25K to retire doesn't seem like much. It is cheaper to get those eligible to retire by threatening future retirees with less of an annuity (high 5 vs. high 3, no FERS supplement, continue pay freeze, etc.). All these options are cheaper to implement. All this does is tell future Federal employees that federal work is a job, not a career. Always go to where the grass is greener, because it makes no difference what you were told when you signed on - - it can change overnight. Do not count on any pension, etc.
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  • Positives vs negatives
    I guess we will find out whether the best and the brightest will apply to the Feds. They will already pay more for a lesser pension. Keep on sticking it to the Feds and there will be a lesser chance of hiring good people. of course, if the economy is lousy, then my statements are totally wrong.
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  • The Backlog of Retirements in Process
    Paul in Jersey
    Mike is right on the money to let folks planning to retire on a buyout to plan for a delay in getting a their full pension. I retired under CSRS on June 30th of last year and did not get a full retirement check until 1 Feb 2012. I was lucky enough to have enough BRAC restored leave paid at retirement to 'tide me over' until my full pension was established. With buyout fever, the wait will probably increase so plan accordingly!
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  • Headroom means reduced payroll
    Big Joe
    Here at my dhs component, they are doing position reviews and are actually downgrading the people they promoted just a little while before! Their goal is to reduce the number of 14-15's (J and K bands), so it'll be easier to win the lottery than get promoted here. Headroom means reduced payroll, not the opportunity to move up!
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