7:52 am, May 26, 2015

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    Time Bandit
    Contractors and Fed Workers rarely got along, I used to be a contractor for the Navy for 10 years. I worked five years in DC near the Navy Yard, I loved my job a great deal. During my tenure in DC, I saw nothing but negativity from Fed workers. They had nothing nice to say about their jobs, they would call the Yard a pit, hole, dump, swamp and some not so nice names I won't repeat. I saw the Yard as a Historical Landmark, I felt honored to be working there. The attitude of Fed workers amazed me, here they got paid good salaries & pensions and didn't appreciate any of it. I tried getting a Fed job, I guess I wasn't miserable enough. From my point of view, Fed workers were never happy. Contractors jobs are on the line every year, not knowing if we are going to get funding or have a job. This is what happened to me, funding ran out and I was laid off. Maybe if the Feds were put in the same situation, they would change their tune.
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