6:09 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Senior Excutives comfort zone
    Daniel in the Loin's Den
    SES is not the only place in the Federal Government managers are forever infested. Take a look at the U.S. Public Health Corps, or Army Corps of Engineers. Many of the positions or billet’s are continued almost indefinitely. Depriving not only the tax payers of the most bang for their buck, so to say; but also depriving lower employees of any future opportunity for career advancement. Given the repeated pay and benefit attacks on Federal Employees currently sweeping Washington, it's amazing anyone would ever show any interest in wanting to become a civil servant.
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  • Do away with the SES program altogether.
    It's nothing but a cesspool of political appointees and affirmative action recipients. They accomplish very little, add very little value, and cost a lot of money. Fire them all and watch the federal efficiency grow!
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  • Good idea.
    What exactly is the value of this "mobility" anyway? Because they are "leaders"? How can they lead if they know nothing about the work being done. Can you imagine sending some SES poly-sci major to oversee NIH? Pure outrage and pure arrogance. If I take a leadership course, I suppose I can then go downtown and conduct the Washington Symphony. Eliminate the SES, unless they can PROVE that they are anything other than a hindrance. Actually this demand extends to all administrators: prove your worth. I spent 36+ years at NIH and I still do not know of any way at all that administrators helped; and I know so many ways that they interfered with our mission. Get rid of them all.
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  • Mobility....sic: Accountability
    Mobility is not at issue. Accountability and Capability are. The self-licking ice cream cone of assessments doesn't make the cut. If the SES Corp remains, then there should be a method to "relieve" and reassign...not as an SES, but demoted to some other non-leadership level and without the title. There are too many wandering the halls because they are incapable of functioning and the Appointees they report too are too busy to do the paperwork necessary to drum them out. The quote "never changed positions" is true not only of the geography, but of the observed attitude of many. There is something to be said for a core of career civil servants who provide continuity across Administrations. That has been lost. The Government needs to get out of this antiquated system that the person with the most time on staff should be in charge. Sometimes that "person" has no business being in such a position.
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  • Mobility - SES
    Before we even start to think about doing away with SESs I really think we need to step back and ask ourself, "Who is going to go to the meetings", I mean if we do then nothing will get done. We have to have somebody to go to the endless and needless amount of meeting we have daily. They don't hurt anything there, the biggest thing they get done is setting up the next meeting. Come on now, when I grew up in the militaary I was always told get yourself a go-fore and you have then become a success. Well, we have our SESs. Have to go another meeting scheduled!!
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  • Look at the SBA as a great example.
    The SBA has the greatest ratio of SES to worker of any other government agency. Plus, it has the highest number of political appointees than any other. This agency is where friends take care of friends. As a result, this agency consistantly falls in the lowest five of best places to work. And when you ask them why, they blame the employees!
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