10:31 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Most Feds have taken the last 3 years gracefully
    Reality is we've all taken our cuts and freezes with dignity, that's the real story. Some Feds (e.g. military) have not had the same cuts, but pay the price in other ways, let's hope their lot can improve too. My concern is the constant piecemeal efforts to reinvent everything, creating a series of winners and losers. Whatever the balance used to be, it is no more. Whatever you thought you had you don't. Whatever the rules are they will change. It's impossible to plan and adjust to find the pea under the shell, if there even is one. This holding pattern may be good for many, but eventually we will get to our destination, wherever that may be.
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  • True in all sectors
    The fact that "Whatever you thought you had you don't" is true for many sectors of the country and economy. One of the reasons, to me, the economy is slow to rebound is the Federal Tax system. It is in flux. No one knows what it will be next month, let alone next year. Business's and people need to plan for the future, it you do not know what the future will hold, you can't plan. The Tax Code for Corporations and for Individuals needs to be finalized and not changed, or subject to change every year. You can't plan for the future if you don't know what it will be, you may hire less workers if you don't know what your tax costs will be. It is expensive to hire people then lay them off, and most companies don't like to do that for short periods of time.
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  • Retirements and the economy
    I will say that my agency has gone on, but there is a a lack of satisfaction. This may be affecting the work product, but the stats will not show this as they are manipulated. The retirements may or may not reflect this. They may not because there are many workers eligible for retirement. Under CSRS many will say that the difference between the salary minus items not taxed and the pension makes it worthwhile to leave. As far as the tax system is concerned, that is always been changed to some degree since I started in my present job. Sometimes they are large changes and sometimes they are small. This will continue depending on the philosophy of those in power or the compromises made.
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