4:13 am, May 26, 2015

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  • what do you mean civilians haven't had any cuts to pay?
    Now I've heard it all. Federal employees haven't had to suffer any like the military with this increase in health care costs??? Really? What kind of idiots do we have in Washington D.C.??? Did they not vote to not give federal employees cuts in pay due to no cost of living increases in January? Freezing our pay how many years in a row? For what? What did we do to cause this mess in this country? I wish congress would explain that. Just because some folks have it hard, we shouldn't be made to suffer to make them feel better. I guarantee you that any cuts to our pay DO NOT RESULT IN A LOWER DEFICIT. CONGRESS WILL USE ANY GAINS TO BUY MORE CRAP. Does anyone doubt this? I'm sick of congress spending our money on crap. Vote them all out. They are all drawing your tax dollars and they are not doing their jobs. Vote the suckers out!
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  • "Congress questions fairness of DoD pay and benefit cuts"?
    FERS Fed
    Shouldn't the headline be "REPUBLICANs questions fairness of DoD pay and benefit cuts"? As the article states, 'DoD leaders got battered on both sides of the Capitol Tuesday, hearing complaints from REPUBLICAN lawmakers in both the House and Senate...'. There is not one Democrat quoted. Please change the headline to more accurately reflect what took place.
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  • Thank you...
    FERS Fed
    ...for changing the article headline.
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  • Who really is tring to cut Mil & vets helth care
    Colonel Dan
    Do you really think Obama is doing this..do you think he writes every line in a “proposed” budget?? It’s the same neo-cons, and chicken hawks, that don’t want to kill the golden goose…the big contracts, Jobs in key congressional areas, future places for them to work and/or lobby..they never have given A rat’s care about soldiers & veterans..get your heads out of your conservative agenda… Most vets & retirees don’t have a clue how their congressman & senators votes on veteran & mil retirees issues. Would shock you to learn that Pelosi has a better voting record on veteran issues than most Repubs.. I am just saying…..get a clue as to what is really going on..all this stuff about reducing spending from Tea Party And everyone else is BS..did you really think they were going to reduce their budget, benefits, sacred cows? All these budget cuts?..this year’s budget, and next year’s also will be bigger than last year’s….bigger in their sacred cows that is! Voted thru also by a Repub/budgeting cutting house..what will be cut?…personnel stuff, .because they know we don’t vote According to veteran issues….we vote party, religion, immigration, gays,..etc everything but our best interest I don’t care how you vote, but if you don’t vote your own issue..quit crying, .and pay up
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  • federal employees not doing fair share of savings in dod
    perhaps you would like your raises frozen for 2-5 years and get a .1% raise this year while everything else goes up from inflation instead. How much does that equate to over the working life in retirement. You should think again if you think we do not carry our fair share. Now if you want to talk fair share look into how long your congressman has to work at his job, how much he contributes to his retirement, and the amount of his retirement at the end of this short working life in politics in order to receive this money that you pay him for the rest of his life.
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  • The same old song.
    While I, too, am annoyed at being the brunt of DOD's money issues year in and year out but Congress does not have some sort of "gold ticket" when it comes to retirement. They fall under FERS (or CSRS if they are in long enough)and get the same retirement we get with a slight increase in the percentage calculation. They contribute the same, have the same time restrictions, etc. They do not get a full paycheck for the rest of their lives. And if we vote them all out we could institute term limits without any of their approval!! I am all for voting them out after 2 terms if they are a Senator and 4 for a House member.
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  • saywhat
    My healthcare premiums increased 20% this year, so I'm not sure what they are talking about.
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  • $1907 per year by 2017!!!
    Cry me a river. BCBS family coverage is $16,000 per year in 2012. Hey, why not let them join the FEHB?
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  • sorry, make that $5160
    but still a lot more than $1960.
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