12:29 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Whats Good for the Goose...
    Lisa Lisa
    Mike, this really REALLY chaps my rear. Arent Congressmen and US Senators civil servants? Do they not receive a federal paycheck and benefits? How is it, that the rest of us are not permitted, on the taxpayers time and dime, to make political comments when they can? How is it, that a Congressman or any politician already in office, that they are permitted to slander fed employees and other political leaders while holding office and during taxpayers time and dime? It seems to me that this is a double standard yes? IMO, if a congressmen is in office, they should not be permitted to do or say anything slanderous while they are at work, during work hours while drawing a paycheck. Its bad enough that they are getting paid while on a campaign trail but to take barbs at fed employees knowing we cant fight back the same way is fair? Its like being bound and gagged. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander! Dont send me to another govt ethics training course or send me anymore memos telling me I cant make political statements at work while our leaders do it with malice and intent while taxpayers are footing their paychecks!
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  • LEO
    What about Law Enforcement that is made to retire at 57?
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  • Congressional Retirement
    How about the citizens and government employees help congress get the message no more retirement after 1 term in office and receive retirement for life. How about they do like everyone else and pay into ss and retirement and retire when they have the years and age like everyone else. Then see if they have any one in their district that cares for federal workers
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