12:31 am, May 27, 2015

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  • USPS can take a page from auto industry
    Go to the governemt for a bailout, or issue and sell stock to them LOL
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  • What???
    Talk about not having a clue, Carper fits the bill. Why does Washington think that the PO should be a business, when they cannot keep their own mits off the service themselves. Meaning the prepayment of future retiree health care, 40 years into the future, but compressed to be paid in only 14 years. Who could run a company with that yoke around your neck? Comparing it to the auto industry is a funny however sad joke, as Congress is to the rest of the country. Definite in the beltway statement on Carper's part.
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  • Carper & USPS Future
    Least we forget. Carper is one of the bad actors who foised the law that is backrupting the USPS. That is PAEA. It drains 5.5 Billion $ each and every year from postal revenues. It has singlehanderly 'manufactured' the crisis the USPS is in. His comments on a real conversion with constituents of postal services are really great. He should practice what he preaches. At 261 plants where public input was provided re plant closures. It was nearly unanimous. the public wants next day delivery, and more services from the USPS. Caper needs to listen to his cohorts and create a blue ribbon commission to create new and improved USPS with current services / standards and more!
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