8:16 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Why mess with a winning formula?
    Just me
    That's what attacking feds has been for the right, for the past 30 years...a winning formula. The question is going to be what happens when feds reach the point where they decide the attacks (and attacks on compensation) outweigh any possible benefit of working for the government. Right wing delusions, not withstanding, the private sector WANTS to hire feds, particularly those who have experience awarding or managing large federal contracts. These people also tend to be the senior federal employees, the ones who have about 85% of the corprorate knowledge. Don't think that matters? Imagine what happens when over 1/2 of the people, with the knowledge of how to process SSI claims, decide to pull the plug. Imagine when the same number of 1102s (in DOD and elsewhere) decide enough is enough. Think the government is slow and inefficient now? The worst is, indeed, yet to come...and when it hits y'all can thank the right for giving you all the government you deserve.
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  • The worst is yet to come with another Obama term,  (Flagged as Abuse)
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  • Yes, "The worst is yet to come...", Hector
    FERS Fed
    And it will be seeing you drone on here, parroting Ron Paul's talking points, for 4 more years after the President is re-elected. Do you ever post anything useful or, like most conservatives, does trying to rule other people's lives take up all your time? ................................ By the way, are you still freeloading at the federal trough?
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  • Federal employee retirement--increase the 401k matching and ELIMINATE defined benefit for new employees
    It is not worth it! Federal employees need to understand Time Value of money to realize we will be royally ripped off with this one. We will be contributing 4% of today's money to get the promise of money tomorrow. In effect a TAX! That will ultimately be used to pay for others' benefits. I don't think the government contributes 4% for each employee now. I think it is only 3%. An individual could save that money on their own and after 30 years would have the cash value in a 401k that could pay out that annuity. The simplest thing to do is ELIMINATE the defined benefit portion of retirement. Once CSRS died, the Federal defined benefit pretty much evaporated anyhow. FERS is not all that lucrative an option. Now, the 401k on the other hand, is a sound option. So, maybe the Federal employees should be screaming to eliminate the defined benefit that will soon be "offered", and forego the 4% TAX increase, in favor of a more streamlined option--have the government simply increase the match to 401k.
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  • 401 K only? Hasn't Wall Street taken enough of our money?
    Just me
    Sorry Jgrenier, but advocating a 401 K, under the existing conditions, is ridiculous. The only way I could see my way clear to supporting this option is if the government were legally prohibited from tapping any part of my retirement savings (in TSP) for ANY reason...including the debt ceiling. Frankly, people who spend their time bad mouthing my service, attacking my pay and benefits, and generally disparaging my work ethic SHOULD NOT be able to reach into my pocket and give themselves a loan.
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  • No One Puts in Now
    jGenier, you are assuming, incorrectly, that if there was only a 401(k) option people would put into it and live happily error after in retirement. Not the case. In the private ssector only 35% (I believe, you can check my numbers) put into a 401(k). And most of those people have no other source of retirement other than Social Security. When young people start working retirement is the last thing on their minds. It is only after they have been working for a while that it is important. So if you work 40 years as a fed, even if you put nothing into the TSP, you have a reasonable retirement with the Defined Pension and Social Security (FERS). If you put into the TSP the full amount you can be better off than the CERS people. But, you have to put into it. One guy in my office, a newer hire, stated he put in $1 into the TSP as that is the smallest amount he could. They just don't get it. He should be putting in at least the match, as that is free money. He at least has the defined pension. Everyone else who retires on just social security will be on Medicare of some sort and the rest of us will be paying for it.
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  • Economic Ideology
    Obviously the best way to help create jobs for the unemployed is to cut down on the purchasing power of those of us who do work. After all, according to modern conservative economic ideology, the consumer does not matter. The joke is that this is from the same people who claim to be the protectors of capitalism. The reality, based on history and not economics, is that businesses do not create jobs. Consumer demand creates jobs. So taking money out of the pockets of the working middle class is totally senseless.
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  • fed employees are the low hanging fruit
    It's too easy to go after federal employee benefits. The non-fed portion of the population supports the efforts. However, anyone with a brain knows that the overall savings will do little in terms of reducing the $16 trillion hole the country faces. What we need is real leadership. Someone who is not worried about his/her re-election. Someone who not only establishes a commission (Simpson-Bowles) to solve the debt issue, but one with enough courage to actually adopt the recommendations that come from that commission. We are not going to get this type of leadership from this administration. As of today I suspect Obama will win in Nov and when he leaves office in Jan 2017 our national debt will be over $20 trillion.
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  • "What we need is real leadership"?
    FERS Fed
    Do you mean like the "real leadership" the RepubliCANTs have demonstrated by reneging on the $1.2T in deficit reduction that they agreed to but then changed their minds b/c too much would come from Defense, Right Wing Rob? Yeah, that kind of conservative hypocrisy is exactly the "real leadership the country needs.
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  • Great points FERS fed
    The radical right under George Bush got us into this mess. Because of George's mess, Obama has to run up deficits in order to stimulate the economy. Hopefully, when we have full employment we will also have surpluses to reduce the deficit. This is contrary to George who spent the money for tax cuts for the wealthy and the war in Iraq among other items..
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