10:21 am, May 27, 2015

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  • FEDS
    I'm CSRS and now retired.All working FEDS need to step back and observe where this overall discussion is going.Whether it's Congress,White House,OMB,OPM or whatever;the game plan(and trust me these different entities like Congress,White House do talk on the FED employee issue)is to minimize the government share of contributions to retirement/health plan.There's rough seas ahead so hang on.But this is nothing new.FED employee bashing has been going on forever.What is new this time around is some bashing will result in fewer benefits.Remember that when you vote for the congressional clowns and president in November.
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  • Relax. We've got a friend in the WH
    Plus, Senate hasn't passed a budget in years. Certainly they'll look out for us? Back up to DC tomorrow. Hope all the snow is gone.
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  • Might as well be on Yahoo
    I use to enjoy this site, and the comments, but I might as well be on Yahoo. People are just as mean here as they are on Yahoo.
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