12:05 am, May 28, 2015

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  • So, will the
    higher level, grossly underpaid, Feds be getting a raise? Is this bill based on the CBO report, or only on the part that is convenient for Republicans? If the ideas are based on the CBO report, the lower level feds should take a reduction in salary, not the middle or upper levels. Of course this is unfair, but it is the only proposal that is consistent with the sacred CBO report.
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  • targeting federal workers
    The process to become a federal worker is a lengthy one. There are mountains of paperwork, background checks, the orientation process where you are informed of your benefits etc. This is a contract, is it not? I'll work for you and you will provide this and that. You don't abide by the rules you're fired. The government breaks goes back on their word and it's meaningless. By changing this agreement they are breaking a contract between the employer and the employee. Outside of government this would be grounds for breach of contract. Federal employees, not the ones in Congress but the middle class variety work their butts off to provide for their families. They rarely get thanked and give a lot of their own time to get their jobs done. This is the thanks they get? This is not any different than what we're not doing for our Veterans. Uncle Sam Wants You!!! He wants you to sacrifice your life for this country. He will train you but don't depend that training to get a job when your contract is up. Its not a degree. Hell, all that time dodging bullets and bombs doing the job you were trained to do is worth nothing in the private sector. They want degrees...experience means nothing. How about priority placement for these vets? Doesn't this country have any loyalty to those who have served them over the years and those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom? Without these individuals this country would not be what it is. So, I ask...why are we the fall guys for a mess we didn't create? Why are our service men and women not rewarded with a promise of a job to utilize the skills taxpayers paid for them to learn and perform for the protection of us all? Its becoming an embarrassment to serve this government with the way this government treats those that serve it. It really is disheartening. I hope Congress is taking the hit right along with the rest of us. I would like to vote on some salary cuts there and what about the perks they get. They don't give a hoot about the every day worker. Why should they? They are living high on Capital Hill!!!
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  • unintended consequenses of too many changes to Fed. pay
    The unintended consequences for continued pay-freezes, hiring-freezes and reduction of benefits are great. I think the numbers for those retiring is 25% higher than last year. I would be interested in reviewing the numbers for those leaving the government for private industry too. Despite public opinion, the majority of employees are highly-educated and are engaged in their work. If Congress continues down this path, the high-performing lawyers, accountants, actuaries, software engineers, programmers, systems or info/sec analysts will look for a better opportunity. Who will take a job at a below average starting pay, with no increase in salary for several years? Especially if there are less attractive pension benefits to offset their lower starting salary? How are you going to recruit these analysts with (Masters in Computer Science or Accounting) at a GS 7 to 9 starting salary? Or how will you provide incentives to stay with the government without in-step increases? Opportunity for improvement, efficiency and innovation will go when they all leave. People forget that the salaries of government workers are fully taxed at a middle-class rate; there are no business expenses, company-paid trips, car allowances or free lunches. I'll guess, their take-home is less than those in private industry. Maybe the take-home pay of the Federal worker is what CBO needs to look at. Where's the study on this information?
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  • The Chinese Syndrome Federal Workers
    After federal pay and benefits are cut, the workforce reduced to skeleton staff, retirement benefits slashed or eliminated the Heritage Foundation will still be pushing to privatize every agency as they tried to do with the Newt Gingrich Contract on America back in 1995. Their rationale will be, "Look at all those Chinese workers making $1.50 per hour while those bloated federal workers are pulling down lavish $4.50 per hour! Look at those Chinese workers, aka Wal-Mart employees, who work 12-hour days for 30 years and they get zero retirement or health benefits! Yeah! those gluttonous federal workers are only working 10-hour days and they get to retire at 75-years-old. They even have been given a Ryan voucher to cover their health care for their old age which kicks in in the year 2060 even though the voucher is based on 2012 rates of health insurance costs. Those greedy feds, let them starve to death and don't start whining about that Jesus guy feeding the poor and hungry! We all know he was just a liberal community organizer anyway! When we talked about Christian love and compassion you didn't really think we meant it did you? What suckers! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
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  • Federal employee pay freeze
    Had E Nuff
    Federal employees have no problem doing their part to help maintain a strong country. But lately we have been targeted as the tool to reduce the deficit by means of an extended pay freeze and a possible change in the FERS retirement system. The reason we are being targeted by our elected officials is because we are the only thing they have any real control over. Congress does not have the power or authority to force anyone to create jobs, even if there is a proven need. Only a business owners desire to grow and/or expand will create jobs. As we enter a second year of frozen wages, I have to look at my bottom line. Having a son entering a university which is facing a 71% tuition increase I am going to have to find a way to lessen the deductions from my paycheck. As much as I hate to do it, I may have to drastically reduce my contributions to the CFC. Federal Employees donate millions of dollars to charities each year that serve both the local communitess in which we live, as well as many nationally and abroad through the Combined Federal Campaign. It only makes sense. One can not give what they do not have. An extended pay freeze could cause some charities to become defunct once contributions decline to a level which will not sustain them.
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