7:49 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Dignity?
    False praise is the only kind available at a dismissal hearing. I would prefer to be told the truth: that I and my work are not important or valuable enough to keep. At least then I would know that I exist. A Hallmark sentiment only compounds the indignity and insult. Sounds like an idea from management.
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  • Even worse...
    Jerry A.
    This nonsense is even worse than an idea from management. It's an idea from a private contractor overpaid (from very limited funds) to give these ideas to a management bereft of their own ideas, or unwilling to take the blame for them. The net result is that more people will need to be fired to pay for hearing this insult on the way out.
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  • Nonsense
    I thought I read something about older laid off workers mentoring younger workers? It appears to me that due to my comments and the other comments, this article makes no sense.
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