6:40 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Latino Federal representation
    This is an issue that seems impervious to nuanced discussion, despite being extensively explored by independent analyses. Several years ago, in particular, GAO issued two comprehensive repors deling with this topic. As they pointed out, the biggest hurdle facing potential Latino applicants is the citizenship issue. With a sizable portion of the U.S. Latino population (not including illegal immigrants) lacking U.S. citizenship, this effectively excludes them from the joining the competitive civil service. The much lower average education levels of U.S. Latinos than the U.S. norm also acts as a barrier, given that Federal positions, on average, increasingly expect academic levels of attainment not met by a large segment of U.S. Latino citizens. Indeed, GAO concluded that taking all relevant factors ionto account, in many Federal occupations, Latinos are overrepresented in terms of their proportionate numbers found in qualified applicant pools. The main problem of underrepresentation levels at higher SES levels is primarily a pipeline issue. Attaining membership in the feeder GS-14/15 populations for most occupations is a necessarily deliberate process, which the gradually rising numbers of Latinos in such levels is an encouraging indicator or further future improvemennt. What we don't need are de facto quota systems on racial/ethnic advancement, which would effectively gut the merit concept.
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  • Who really cares?
    Who really cares that "Latinos" are under-represented???? Maybe if the 22 million plus ILLEGAL ALIENS (which are mostly Latinos) would deport themselves back to their own country and let them be represented with their own government, they just might make a difference in their own country where it counts! NO DREAM ACT!!!! NO AMNESTY, PERIOD!!!!
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  • Latinos under-represented at all levels of federal employment
    Don't know were you obtained the information or data that EEOC is doing a good job in promoting Hispanic/Latinos. In the district that I am in, no Hispanic/Latino has ever been promoted above the GS-12 grade level. There are only two Hispanic/Latino individual in the grade of GS-13 or higher and both those individuals were promoted in other districts and later transferred to our district. One individual had to transfer to another district in order to get promoted. If you are not Black, you don't stand a chance of being promoted within my district.
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