5:06 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Post service
    I go to post office about once every week for mailing package or large envelopes, I have to say that neither the efficiency nor the quality of service is up to today's standard. Each time while waiting in line, I paid a lot of attention to what they can improve, from the way items laid out for easy access, to the attitude that employees have. I hate to say that as much as we need to rely on the post service, I actually think they have to first seeking for internal improvement. Take picking up a certified mail as an example, I would see the orange pick up note in the mailbox, sometimes when I went to the post office the next day, I was only to learn that the mailman had decided to redeliver to my home address and thus we crossed over; on other occasions i would decided to wait for them to redeliver, and days gone by without seeing it. Would that be a difficult thing to improve? When I was actually in the post office to pick up the mail, I need to sign the original orange post note with address, then there is another card to sign, then I have to sign on the electronic tablet (which sometimes too sensitive to sign on). The service is slow, I estimated at about 1-2 minutes per person, not like it is providing an extra care or courtesy, just plain slow motion. I am not sure privatization is the answer, afraid that will lead into something else; however I think the post office should be responsible for its earning, which should reflect back to employee's income and benefits, which means it is not a private business but operates like one.
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  • Late reply to newus
    Communication is important to prevent what happened to you from occurring at all. There's a telephone number on those delivery notices and all it takes is a call to the PO where you're delivered from so that the back and forth is not done. Window service is not easy because management demands of the clerk a set of questions before the transaction is finished, besides the customer request often makes the clerk travel into the back of the PO to complete the task asked for. Also management will allow the minimal number of clerks to work the counter, which usually means a line to wait for service. Heaven forbid that a clerk has 2 minutes of down time waiting to service the next customer if there weren't a line already.
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