11:57 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Connection between Pensions of Feds and Congress
    I personally resent being painted with the same brush as a federal employee as that of Congress. There is a huge difference between us and them. So many of them are millionaires or leave as millionaires or become millionaires shortly thereafter. Talk about being able to take advantage of public service. For the average fed, the pension and social security along with whatever tsp amounts they save up/earn is it. Feds rarely are able to take advantage of their public service towards earning millions nor do we want them to. My point in all this is we shouldn't allow anyone in Congress to have federal pensions. The founding fathers believed that public service was something someone did for their country for a short while before returning to private life. No doubt they would have a dim view on the current situation. Throw these bums out and institute term limits. No more pensions either!
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  • There IS a big difference between Congress and regular federal employees
    How dare Congress put themselves in the same category as federal workers. THEY don't do their jobs. Their pension is much more generous... 1.7% versus 1% times number of years in service.
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  • Let us remember
    that "Congress" is not the perpetrator. That would lay blame symmetrically on both parties, and would be a false claim. It is the Republicans, and ONLY the Republicans, in Congress who are the transgressors upon my freedom and my wallet.
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  • July 4th
    is a good time to strike, I mean "sick"
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  • Math
    To me it looks like a 188% increase in the the amount of the pension contribution. IF you're raising the rate from .8 to 2.3% the difference is 1.5% but the increase is 188%. That's a huge take home pay cut for FERS workers. This is an unfair burden on one small portion of the public, so much for sharing the pain.
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  • Truth
    Since the new pension contributions only affect employees hired after this year, there is no percentage increase. All it means is future feds will pay more for their pensions, which will be considered when they retire, which portions are tax free ....
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