12:42 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Excellent Article!
    Very insightful and thought provoking. I completely agree, and think that the GEAR project is a step in the right direction. I'm also a fan of the Performance Management System, but I'm not sure I dig the acronym. Regardless, I think this is an important issue on most manager's minds and you addressed it nicely. Thanks for the great read!
    -- Vaughn Ripley is the author of "Survivor" http://hivlongevity.com twitter:@vripley
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  • This is not an excellent article
    It does have a very important truth. I good boss will get more out of the workers than a bad boss. A good boss works with employees rather than pounds them. A good boss knows what he(she) is talking about and can teach it. However, that does not mean taking away telework. That is the sign of a not so good boss. A good boss can only do so much. If the outsiders or higher level management act like idiots, then the good boss can only do so much. So a combination of both outside environment and a good boss is needed. I can say that I am working for an excellent boss now. That was not so true in the past.
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  • What's to keep my leadership from discarding my telework application?
    What's to keep my leadership from discarding my telework application? It seems like OPM is missing an opportunity to improve continuity of operations through telework if leadership can keep the telework approval rate high by discarding applications. No paper trail, no redress. If OPM cares about COOP, why doesn't OPM collect the telework applications themselves?
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