6:10 am, May 26, 2015

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  • BRAC is going in the wrong direction
    Old Fed
    Based on predicted future threats, analyzing both strategic military and terrorist attacks, many experts are predicting that security concerns will require dispersing US military units within the US to many more, smaller bases to ensure survival of the force. Is there anyone at DoD HQ who is looking beyond their own short tenure and budget? Let Iran get a nuclear weapon to go with its intercontinental missile: do we still want our troops massed in large "joint" bases of 20,000 and more? Doesn't seem very smart to me . . . but then, I'm only a retired USAF officer now serving with another department within DoD, with a master's in international relations, War College, etc. As it is, we will need to repurchase bases we have closed or open new ones to accomplish dispersal--talk about waste and abuse!
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