8:45 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Root beer?
    Really, Congressman Jason Chaffetz? Imagine what it is like to work on a team of military and civilians--who essentially have the same program management duties for the same organization-- and have part of the team get annual pay paises and the other side not. Never mind that the raise-getting military personnel (who are great folks) are in their jobs for three years or less (of which the first six months are spent learning their job, and the last six are spent getting ready for a new assignment) and the no-raise-getting civilians are touted by management as being "valuable team members and sources of corporate knowledge" but apparently not valued enough to get a small annual raise...at least enough to offset increases in health insurance costs that the civilians must absorb (but the military do not have to deal with). It blows. Trust me.
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  • Bang for Buck
    I used to think I had republican leanings but this fed bashing has been ridiculous. These Republicans and Democrats for that matter should be spending their time fixing the Big Kahuna of our budget problems, Entitlement Spending, instead of bashing Feds. I for one could care less about the payroll tax holiday. I don't think its right to take money from an already underfunded Social Security program. Restore it to a true lock box, don't allow any federal borrowing from it. Get on with cutting benefits and raising the retirement age. Sorry - everyone needs to give some blood. This is about the future financial security of our country. Stop sniping, put country before selfish party interests. Support those few willing to stick their neck out to do the right thing. As JFK once said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Start by demanding fiscal responsibility and sanity from all of our elected leaders.
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  • Congress feels our pain
    Efforts by legislators to rationalize federal workers accomplishing their mission with less, just as the private sector has to do, misses the mark. The private sector responds to market conditions, attempting to reduce exposure when economics contract and attempting to increase productivity through process improvement and improved technology. Basically, when economies "tank," demand for goods declines and the private sector reduces its production. The public sector, however, does not respond in like manner. The expected production of federal agencies is not lessened and, in fact, often increases. Many public sector agencies can benefit only minimally from greater capitalization: the tasks accomplished by public sector employees aren't amenable to robotic applications. By the time government approves a change in technology, acquires it, and implements the installation, it is often outdated and still has to be adapted to bureaucratic processes and necessities. Often, too, in times of economic downturns, the public sector attempts to implement additional actions to spark recovery or, at least, to slow further decline. Seldom in recessions does Congress reduce the production targets of federal agencies. To the contrary, targeted outputs are held steady or increased as legislators strive to show their electorates that they're doing all they can to create an environment conducive to job creation. I submit that Congress does not feel the pain of federal workers. I submit, as well, that the general public has little sense of very real efficiency and productivity of the federal workforce.
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  • Just an observation
    Randy F.
    Do all of these things that are being proposed and enacted apply to ALL federal workers and employees? It should be applied across the board. Members of Congress, Cabinet heads, Ambassadors, any person that is paid out of the US Treasury. If Congress really, truly wants to "feel the pain", let's see some cuts to Congressional budgets.
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  • Remember 9/11
    In case you forgot, there was an incident that happened a little over 10 years ago. Why? I remember there was a lot of worry at the time about people losing their jobs to contractors. Maybe if those federal workers were more focused on their jobs and not their futures, someone could have seen that incident coming. The current situation is very distracting. Our work is much more important than any of you realize, we don't all sit at desks stamping paperwork.
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