6:37 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Control Spending
    Government needs to do away with entitlement programs, modify the welfare program, and stop sending money overseas. Does it not seem ludicrous that our government pays terrorist countries not to terrorize. Recently I heard that phones are ebing provided to welfare recipients. This has got to stop. Entitlement programs need to go away. Everyone seems to be complaining about what governement workers make now but we took the jobs for security and benefits not to get rich. In a good economy everyone is getting rich while we make ends meet with little hope of improving our situations. Now that the people that have made fortunes over the past decade have lost their opportunity due to the economy, they are complaining about our pay.
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  • Entitlement programs?
    I wish you would stop with entitlement programs.As i corrected someone else, we earned our entitlement items such as our pensions and lifetime health benefits. social security people earned their social security benefits. Perhaps you need to use the term unearned entitlement programs. But be careful of what you put in there.
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  • Entitlements
    The day they stop taking money out of my earned paycheck in the name of Social Security then they have the right to say, cut entitlements. How could say entitlements need to go away when it's my DAM money that was taken from me not by choice. It's the same money that's suppose to be saved and invested so that when I get old, I get it back. Instead they take it and blew it on two WARS with open checkbook. When the money is gone then they run around crying about how deep we are in debt and spending must be control, with cuts to entitlements. Are you that stupid???
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  • Congress to Feds: We Feel Your Pain
    Congressman Jason Chaffetz, no Root Beer in every fountain, huh? Seems there is in Congressman Chaffetz World. He has two fully staffed offices less than 42 miles apart in Utah, one in Salt Lake City, Utah, and one close to Provo, Utah. Maybe he should turn off the Root Beer, (lights, staff, etc. etc), and live within the taxpayers means, and stop costing the Tax Payer so much money. He keeps bashing Feds and salaries, when he is one of the biggest wasters of all. Wonder how many other Congressmen and Senators have more than one office in their home states, that could be closed. With email, etc. for communications these day, one office is all that is necessary, if even that, an office in Washington I believe is all that is needed, that they pay for themselves out of their own pockets. Congressman Chaffetz has stated things that are untrue about Feds, and doesn't even know I have not had a Fed Salary raise other than the cost of living in 12 years, no step increases, etc. Budgets have been cut so far down there isn't money for all the fluff and it stopped sometime ago. However, what did go up was the federal proverty minimum level, and with no salary increases for the two years it has been frozen I am just above that salary now. Get Real, Congressmen and Senators are the real wasters of our tax dollars. How could they expect to carry on wars for 10+ years in countries that could care less of our assistance, look what wars in those countries did to Russia, it broke them, the same as it did us. Only Senators and Congressmen with their hands in the pots of big corporations that made money on defense spending made any $$$ in the wars. Re-election is necessary once again if these goof balls cannot make decisions.
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  • Congress to feds: We Feel Your Pain
    They don't feel our pain, you are SO right. As i said, they need to take it out of their OWN hides for a change.
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  • The myth of doing more with less.
    Just me
    The only thing one can accomplish with "less" is less. Much of what the government does is mandated by the very people who argue that the government should have fewer resouces to accomplish the work. So tell us all, honorable members of Congress, which report to YOU we should omit so that we can better serve the taxpayers? Which steps and procedures, required by laws YOU wrote, are we now at liberty to ignore?When you say we should "innovate" new efficiencies into the system, are you also giving us authority to ignore the time wasting nonsense that YOU (and your office) generate? We are now free to run government like a business, rather than as a social club designed to pander to narrow political interests? You will support our decisions to do things that make good business sense, even if they harm you politically? I suspect the answer is that you don't really mean we should be more efficient or effective...because that would strip you of the two things you value most: The ability to dispense political favors, and your ability to continue to beat the federal service like dogs. I suspect that what you really mean is that you are going to give us less than we need to get the job done, and will then berate us when your unrealistic expectations are not met.
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  • Ever since Bush 43
    was "elected', until the day that I retired (2 yrs), the administrators' entire contribution to our work at NIH was (and probably still is) to say, "Do more with less." Any administrator who tells a scientist to do more with less has demonstrated his incompetence and failure.
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  • Not Is Your Definition of "Fair"
    You mean, the same private sector that sets their profit margins and adjusts accordingly to make sure they get the right amount of profit? The same private sector that pays their CEO's millions instead of thousands? That private sector? Yeah, it's the same. Rich people paying less tax than secretaries and clerks. That's OK, remember the people you stepping on have children and their children will grow up and do something other than serve in federal service. My kids watched me struggle with the private sector making more money than federal service. So keep on balancing the budget on the backs of the very people who vote, remember they have little future voters and potential feds (maybe or maybe not).
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