1:47 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Disingenuous Dems
    "I think all of us have to look for ways to do our work more efficiently. That's true whether you're in the public sector or the private sector," Van Hollen said. "We need to be creative about different ways to provide for the services that are delivered. This from the guy who has continued to work to set Federal employees apart and prevent private employees from even competing for commercial contractible work currently performed by federal employees.
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  • You cannot be serious
    The Repubvlicans did everything in their power to contract as much as possible. They made the playing field pro contractor by allowing appeal rights feds did not have. They even tried to contract out collection services at the IRS. When the contractors could not do that right, they gave the contractors the easy stuff and the feds the difficult items. That even failed. They should be reducing the contracting out and not increasing it.
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  • How is it fair
    that Congress is forcing more cuts to the Feds when they wont cut Doctors? They wont touch the rich? Congress, you say you want to be fair and all, but where is the fairness when you allow groups of others not pay their fair share?? Congress, if you keep it up, your going to end up seeing what other countries saw when they beat up of their feds, People are going to STRIKE and take it to the streets!
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  • The same as private sector?????
    You mean, the same private sector that sets their profit margins and adjusts accordingly to make sure they get the right amount of profit? The same private sector that pays their CEO's millions instead of thousands? That private sector? Yeah, it's the same. Hey Congress...PHACK YOU!
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  • The same as private sector?????
    Thank You for saying what I was thinking! Federal employees have been told 'Do More, With Less' for at least a decade! When will Congress understand that we just don't have any more stamina to give! We already bring our own desk supplies to work, we reuse manilla folders until they are falling apart and we give more "love" time to our jobs than we can possibly spare. Our families rarely get to see us except on Sundays, and even then we have brought home work! I get to spend 1 1/2 hour with my family at night before bedtime. I'm cancelling my CFC election because I want Congress to realize that Federal employees just don't have the extra money to support their own charities as well as CFC. Congress has made the Federal employee the scapegoat BECAUSE they can! They tell the Nation that Federal employees are too well off and we are going to change that! I'm glad to have a job AND I elected to work in the Federal government when I left military service, not because I would make a good salary (because you didn't), I made the decision that I could work for a lower salary because the trade off was that the Federal government doesn't lay-off their employees like the private sector. I didn't mind being the turtle in the race for retirement, Slow But Steady, compared to the private sector's Hare. CONGRESS, PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES! Stop bashing Federal employees, we didn't create these debts, didn't enact laws and programs that cost more than what was in the checkbook! We don't mind sharing the burden BUT WE WON'T CONTINUE TO ELECT CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN WHO DISREGARD OUR WORTH TO THIS COUNTRY.
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  • The same as private sector??????
    I agree with your sentiments. Our agency does the same thing. We recycle until the folders fall apart; we don't have enough pens, we re-use dividers from documents that are sent to us, we recycle paper when it's copies on one side and we make 2 sided copies more often than not. We have furniture some of which is more than 30 years old; our chairs are extremely uncomfortable and are probably responsible for my lower back pain. I work whenever I have to, whether it's late in the evening or over a weekend. I take and make many work calls on my private cell phone with no reimbursement. All of which I am willing to do to get my job done. I am a public servant because I believe in our system and I want to be a positive force in our government. I didn't sign on to become rich. HOWEVER, why don't these Congressmen take a little out of their OWN hides for a change? None of these proposed cuts affect Congress. And why is that? It's the GOLDEN RuLE...he who has the gold, rules. The only way to make them hear us is to vote them out. People in this country have a terrible misconception about government employees. The public sees the size of the federal payroll and rolls their eyes. BUT, we probably have the best educated and most experienced labor force of any employer. We have mandated obligations and job duties that require engineers, doctors,accountants, architects, lawyers, paralegals, IT specialists, environmentalists, scientists of all kinds, researchers, analysts, and on and on. What should we be paid? Minimum wage? Those at the higher end of their agency pay scales are likely not (as I have not for the past 21+ years) paid on a scale equivalent to their counterparts in the private sector. I have no problem with making my agnecy leaner and meaner, but we have, as the comment above says, been doing mored with less for quite some time...even when times were good in this country. ENOUGH!!! VOTE THEM OUT!
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  • Feds to Congress
    Let Congress first set the example - budgets on time, compromise, and going to work more often.
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  • Slow Down the Pay
    Ok guys and gals, maybe you can't strike, but they are going to stick it to you anyway. Time for a government wide major (TOTAL) work slow down! Everyone, start taking your complete lunch break, potty breaks, and trips to the water fountain. Slow down every process to make certain you are doing everything "by the book". Safety first, and do not be in a hurry for anything. You can think of a lot more than I can. So start today. Do it. Rather, "don't do it".
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  • I've started
    Sam B
    I started eating my lunch in the break room instead of at my desk where I often found myself working/eating. I also starting leaving at exactly 6pm, not a minute later even if I'm in the middle of a meeting. And I turn off my government-issued cell phone after 6pm and any emails/calls go unanswered until 9am.
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  • It's called "work to the rule" baby! (And I'm all in!!!)
    Sunna W
    Memo Starting tomorrow, 1. I am taking: a. My paid 15 minute break after 2 hours (and taking a walk); b. My unpaid 30 minute lunch after 4 hours (and NOT eating lunch at my desk); c. My paid 15 minute break after 6 hours (and taking another walk); and, d. My V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!! ALL OF IT!!! NO MORE USE OR LOSE!!! 2. I am also leaving: a. My Blackberry at the office in my desk when I am not at work or at a meeting; and, b. My laptop at the office *unless* I am on official travel. 3. Finally: a. Congress can kiss my (_!_)
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