11:09 am, May 23, 2015

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  • It all depends.....
    Am I underpaid or overpaid? It all depends....I earn approx. $75 per hour (salaray + benefits). When I'm performing my assigned duties I deal with private sector attorneys who charge their clients $300+ per hour (one, a partner in a well-known international firm, told me his billing rate is a minimum $1000 per hour). I have the the same education and, for the most part, many more years experience. But, due to budget cuts, my POD has only 1/4 of the necessary support staff so I end up doing the job of a grade 5 or 6 about 2 hours a day (copying, mailing, filing, timekeeping, etc). I'm estimating that a grade 6 earns approx. $30 (again, salary + benefits), so for those 2 hours a day I'm way overpaid (but also very unproductive in my assigned duties). So I guess 75% of the day I should feel dissatisifed as I'm underpaid, but the other 25% of the time I should feel incredibly guilty for being extremely overpaid.
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  • Comparing pay
    Although their net income is probably higher than yours (I assume you deal with attorneys) your comparison is bad. You cannot compare gross receipts (300-1000/hour) from which they have to pay their expenses, to your pay. You would compare their net profits to your pay. But, I believe your position is still very correct.-----I am in a similar, but lower paid position. I deal mostly with CPA's. Even after expenses, they make a good deal more than I do.
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  • The unspoken subtext
    Just me
    Let's acknowledge the unspoken subtext in these studies. First, let's all admit that we're not really talking about whether federal employees are overcompensated when measured against the private sector. What is truly being discussed is the relative value of having the government perform a service. We are trying to make a determination, of this value, by measuring one element of the cost of providing that service (using a flawed metric).. a comparison of the rate of employee compensation in both the public and private sector. Second, let's also admit that any such comparison MUST be flawed, because the government can (and does) impose conditions on employment which would either be disallowable (in the private sector) under the law OR would significantly increase the cost of compensation (in the private sector). The government is a singular employer because it claims the right to regulate both work and non-work activity. If we are going to have a true (and accurate) discussion on this topic it must be recognized that these conditions drive up the cost of compensation because the employee is giving up something of value. Comparing a government employeeto a private sector employee is only appropriate IF the jobs are similar in every salient characteristic...including terms of employment. If they are not similar, then the value of the additional requirements needs to be determined. If the government employee is prohibited from outside employment (unless the employer allows it) and the private sector employee is not restricted (in this manner) then that restriction has a value. If the government employee must periodically disclose their financial interests, and the private sector employee does not, then that requirement has a value... and etc. Unless the discussion occurs at THIS level of detail, then it would appear that any conclusion (on the rate of compensation) is merely an exercise in justifying the narrow political agenda of one partisan group or another.
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    Lisa Lisa
    Ahhh, so again I am the moving target. Enemy of all things Republican. When a republican looks at the budget, whats the biggest line item that they can take a big bite of? Yep. Salaries and benefits. They do it to local county, state, and federal employees. They taketh away without ever having worked a government job (a real one because as we now know..being a politician..well heck..there isnt much of a resume and education required is there? Only requirements: Talk smack, tell lies to get votes, make promises you know you cant keep, dance with the devil as often as possible, schmooze lobbyists, oh and ya gotta appear as religious as possible). While they are looking at OUR salaries and benefits and have determined by a magic wand that we can do even MORE with less since the 90's and we are SO overpaid, I dont believe they looked at their inner self. You know, a measurement of successes and failures, performance evaluations, etc. By this measure, our politicians should have all been fired. Did they pass a budget by Oct 1st? Not even close. Are they able to compromise so that ALL americans are served well? PFFT! They'd like us to THINK its for our own good..but really its about Corporate company over there (recall that they are somehow considered a person now). Depending what the majority is-our policitians only really serve about HALF of America (and corporate John Doe) since the other half doesnt like who rules. Lets be clear here. These schmucks making these decisions as it pertains to govt have NEVER worked in a fed agency in their lives, some have not served active duty, have no financial education, no educational background in the area of providing analysis, and yet, there they are with pen in hand. Ready to take aim and fire. SCAREY.
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