10:05 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • If the Fed-bashing
    were true, it be tough enough for the majority of us to take sitting down. But the reality - that all (i. e. 100%) of the Fed-bashing is is a truly disgusting barrel of lies invented and promulgated by Republicans - makes it unacceptable. The state of morale is a trivial question Better questions are: 1. When will the "free" press of this "free" country report the plain truth? 2. When will Feds be allowed to defend themselves by speaking directly to the Press (presently a firing offense)? and 3. When will the Press call a lie a lie and a liar a liar?
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  • Answers
    Sam B
    1. When it becomes profitable to do so. 2. Never 3. When it becomes profitable to do so.
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  • RE: If the Fed Bashing
    Republicans at most constitute only one third of the government right now. The Democrats constitute the Senate and the White House, and if I recall, it was OBAMA who announced the pay freeze. If Republicans alone were the bashers and the Democrats never bashed a Federal employee a day in their lives, there would be no pay freeze right now. The pay freeze would never have gotten past the House. The Republicans may do the barking but it takes BOTH parties to actually do the biting. In other words, it takes two to tango.
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  • re: If the Fed-bashing
    Gee, let's see ... there are over 2 million federal workers, their average annual salary is over $82,000 and in 2010 over 82,000 earned over $150,000 annually ... I think a cuts between 10 and 50% are necessary, proper and should be ordered immediately.
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  • Chemist - I bow to you
    You nailed it. Is anyone out there even remotely interested or able to present actual, verified, researched facts? I'm still waiting. The politicians and media have distorted the truth in so many ways as they know full well the average American will simply look at their own lot in life and find a stance they agree with, whether it be true or not. I've been a registered republican all my life but had to chuckle at Obama's soaring approval rating as the Elephants are their own worst enemy. They are clueless. Yes, we have big problems. Big national debt. The gop have been unable to take advantage because of their extreme and myopic views. The whole "Who is more conservative?, who is more religious?" contest in the primaries is a joke. How does that help our country prosper?
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  • To normal
    First, I am a registered Democrat and, presently, vote mostly Democratic in national and state elections. Why? Without the radical rightists' baloney, the GOP has gone so far to the right that it makes me sick. The religious nonsense is an example. keep your religion and do not disrespect mine by imposing yours on me. The abortion issue is another example. That is a matter between a woman and her doctor. It is strictly a medical issue and should be treated as such. The same applies to birth control. Another example is unemployment insurance and healthcare. I am not thrilled with government financing of it. But the choice is no health insurance or government financing for the poor. Hospitals should not be forced to pay for the indigent. That is a governmental issue. My space is gone
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  • Fed Bashing
    1. The GOP may be the bigger bashers, but few Democrats have come to Federal worker's defense. Even the President has been silently in the media and made only a few luke warm statements of support. 2. This was set up a few years back when the stories about high Federal pay began and the jaded studies started to appear. The writing was on the wall. That morphed into the Fed bashing. It just goes to show the truth does not matter. 3. Getting lost in all this are all the GS 3-7s who barely make enough to get by, are having their pay frozen and paying higher health care, fees, etc. All stories are about GS 15s and their big salaries. I am sure if the media showed a GS-6 single mother making $32,000 with 3 kids who had her car repossessed because of no pay raises and choosing health care over a car, the reaction of the public would be different. When the basing is over, that is what we sill see, and it will be, " heavens to betsy, we need to give these people a raise. What kind of heartless overlords are these Congressmen?" 4. Any Fed who votes for any Congressional that has voted for these partisan punitive salary and benefits related bills needs to realize they are committing financial suicide and is just setting all federal employees up for more misery while ensuring low morale contributes to an ineffective government. 5. These adjustments to the retirement system will either cause as rush to the exits and/or force higher paid long-term workers to work longer, ensuring higher government payrolls for years to come. Talk about short sighted ... but then again this is Congress ...
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  • consequences
    The unintended consequences for continued pay-freezes, hiring-freezes and reduction of benefits are great. I think the numbers for those retiring is 25% higher than last year. I would be interested in reviewing the numbers for those leaving the government for private industry too. Despite public opinion, the majority of employees are highly-educated and are engaged in their work. If Congress continues down this path, the high-performing lawyers, accountants, actuaries, software engineers, programmers, systems or info/sec analysts will look for a better opportunity. Who will take a job at a below average starting pay, with no increase in salary for several years? Especially if there are less attractive pension benefits to offset their lower starting salary? How are you going to recruit these analysts with (Masters in Computer Science or Accounting) at a GS 7 to 9 starting salary? Or how will you provide incentives to stay with the government without in-step increases? Opportunity for improvement, efficiency and innovation will go when they all leave. People forget that the salaries of government workers are fully taxed at a middle-class rate; there are no business expenses, company-paid trips, car allowances or free lunches. I'll guess, their take-home is less than those in private industry. Maybe the take-home pay of the Federal worker is what CBO needs to look at. Where's the study on this information?
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  • Fed morale deeply impacted ....
    Oh waaaa! They HAVE jobs, right? Jobs that pay higher than almost all like private sectors jobs. Jobs that have paid benefits out the kazoo, too! I do not feel sorry for them, and if their "morale" gets any lower, maybe they will quit then the rest of us will certainly be more than happy to take over! AND ... at lower wages! But we still want the bennies! Because USED TO .. we all had good jobs, that paid enough for us to save up to buy homes, to go on two week vacations with our families and if our children got sick, we could afford medical care for them via our paid insurance plans at work. NOW? We have NO jobs at all! So, screw their MORALE ... let them eat beans and cheap bread a few times a week and THEN let's check on that morale again!
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