12:20 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Higher TRICARE premiums
    Norman's Mother
    Oh please, spare us the drama. Retired flags who receive a pension, salary from a defense contractor and "consultant" fees from DoD are easily making six figures. They can easily afford an increase in TRICARE, yet DoD wants enlisted-level retirees to suck it up and their TRICARE rates would raise disproportionately. Stick it to the flags and leave the rest of us alone.
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  • This Is Wrong On So Many Levels
    Radar Tech
    Veterans earned their healthcare benefits when they put their lives on the line for this country. Every veteran gave America a blank check for their lives and they were promised (as in a contract) that they would receive health care. It is shameful to breach that contract. Then there is the issue of illegal aliens recieving free health care at America's emergency rooms. How can a criminal be given free health care while our nation's heros are charged for it? How about all the folks that are on welfare that get free health care? Why is it and how could it possibly be that our veterans rank lower than criminals and societal parasites? If cuts must be made, criminals and parasites should be at the front of the line for cuts...NOT veterans!!! If cuts must be made, veterans benefits should be the very last cuts in line (and that includes congress).
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  • TRICARE Tiered Pricing
    Raising TRICARE costs are inevitable. However, military retirees are the only group of federal retirees that are being targetted for tiered premium price increases; nowhere in the federal government, nor in State or private industry, is this type of tiered pricing scheme utilized. Additionally, what ever projected "savings" or "deficit" reduction measures, will be eliminated by attempting to administer and manage a tiered pricing system; such as hiring and training the necessary staff, the cost of information technology. This is a failed model based upon a perception that "those who have more should pay more." Furthermore, it is discriminatory pricing targetting a select group of people. Is the tiered pricing even legal?
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  • Tricare Premiums
    So there is going to be an incease in Premiums this year again. You know Retired pay increases an 1 percent and tricare increases 2 percent and taxes go up 3 percent. You know you will never get ahead and really be able to retire. Retiree's really never buy a house until they retire, because they are moving every 3 years. Average american usually buy's a house in there mid 20's or 30's,so the Military is easily 10 year's behind on owning a home before there 60 years old. I could go on an on. I entered the military in the early 80's, an I have seen changes that really effected my retirement. The High 3 has shorted me about 5 percent a year in retirement. Health care has changed and even active duty military's pay's dental Premiums now. Well before long we will be getting really screwed. It should be the same for all federal retirees not just the military.
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