11:20 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • increased contribution
    Clearly politicians are on a path of doing away with FERS. Since I no longer trust these political wonks, I would much rather have my money transferred into an account I control and have ownership. At this point, I'm convinced they'll take what I've already accumulated. It's time to move on.
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  • Pay Raise and Retirement Contributions
    I fully agree with the comments made in the article and want to add that adding 0.5% BEFORE calculating increased retirement contributions actually will reduce a final take home of more than the "mere" 0.04 retirement increase. Before we take a further hit in our take home...end the social security "holiday" the Prez gave all but us...then see what is coming back into the coffers before taking more food out of our mouths...this is a burden for ALL Americans, not just the Federal Employee, who, by the way, is only 0.0025 of the total US Population; talk about skewed mathematics. Plus, there is no added value for the added contributions tht Congress will undoubtably find some "emergency" they need it for (like a cook out in Hawaii, something). Second hot button...get off the Fed vs Public pay already. This is like beating a dead horse...the fact is, whether under or over paid, the pay scale was not adjusted by the individual Fed employee...it was calculated, by whatever standard, by the PROs in the Gee-Whiz Dept YEARS ago when the data they used was obviously more calibrated than what they are looking at today and the salary was set...live with it. Want lower salaries...start with incoming personnel and employ them at this lower "fairer" salary range. But, I am not being fair, I will lower my annual salary that I worked 42 years for (promise), the second after Congress lowers theirs. I have worked a lifetime to get where I am and I also lose the value in my home, my savings and my own investments...if my salary is lowered, can I take that piece of paper to the bank so they will be forced to lower either my monthly mortgage payment or the interest on my mortgage so I can stay above flood level? If we idiots put these same morons back into office during the lupcoming election, then we have now elevated ourselves to their level of moronity.
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  • Response to MySal
    I sympathize with you but realize there are no guarantees, particularly none from the government. I saw the writing on the wall a decade ago and got out while I still had some assets. I took a big hit, losing 1/2 my current salary but I haven't regretted it one minute. Good luck to all the federal employees who can't get out. You are going to need it.
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  • President continues to disrespect Federal civilian workers
    Bill Samuel
    This budget again shows the President's lack of respect for his civilian work force, a consistent pattern since he came into office. Once again, there is no parity in the treatment of civilian and military employees, even though they sometimes work side by side. When you consider the 0.4% increase in pension contributions (whit no increase in pensions!) and the normal annual increases in health insurance rates, the 0.5% pay rate increase will just reduce the amount take home pay declines. It is not a real increase when you look at pay and benefits as a whole. And we continue to have a well meaning but clearly incompetent OPM Director, whom the President refuses to fire despite his dismal record. The retirement processing mess is of long standing and perhaps it couldn't have been totally remedied in 3 years, but it has gotten worse not better. Also, OPM continues to blatantly violate the rule against essential government functions being required to be performed by Federal employees by totally contracting out the Flexible Savings Accounts program, so you have private contractors making eligibility determinations for a Federal program. And the FSAFEDS contractors seem clueless, demanding documents which would never be created under the terms of insurance programs. I believe Federal civilian employees do important work. We deserve more respect than this Administration gives us. It is no wonder that Federal retirements are spiking. No one likes being disrespected by their employer. I plan to join this wave this year.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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  • Disrespecting the Federal employee
    I agree that I do not like the idea of contributing more to my pension plan. I can and will retire very soon. Therefore, I will not be greatly affected by the pension contribution increase. Before dissing Obama look at what the Republicans are offering. They want .5% increase vs. Obama's .4%. They want to freeze our pay. Obama is offering a small raise. They want to eliminate the SSS supplement for all FERS employees who retire after 2012. Obama wants to eliminate it for new employees. They want pension benefits to be computed on the high 5 method. I did not see that with Obama. I think you should aim your barbas at the Republicans.
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  • Kick out the Tea Bag party
    Tea Party = Toilet Paper Party
    The Republicans, especially the Tea Bag Party, think their Elmer Fudd constituents back home, making minimum wage and serving fries at Burger King, should receive the same compensation/benefits as a federal civilian DoD employee deployed to Afghanistan or cancer research scientist employed by NIH.
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  • Really?
    So that is why I have to submit a claim three times to try to get it paid because they keep asking for more detailed information when it used to be pretty easy to submit a receipt from the Dr. and get it paid? I did not know it went to contractors. I know I called one time to ask about some fee they were refusing to pay because it wasn't "medically necessary" and I asked why since I thought if I wanted a facelift (or some other cosmetic surgery) I could use my FSA for it. They said no, it still needs to be medically necessary.
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  • Private Contractors Compensated 1.83 Times Federal Worker Total Compensation
    Radar Tech
    Once again the federal vs. private sector pay gap fails to look at federal workers pay compared to private contractor pay for working the same federal job. The CBO comparison is a false one because it compares federal worker compensation to private sector compensation for workers not doing the exact same job as the federal worker. The non-profit non-partisan Project On Government Oversight (POGO) has release a recent report showing that private contractors working for the federal government receive an average of 1.83 times the total compensation as the federal worker doing the same job. In some instances, they receive 5 times as much total compensation. This is where the real money is and where real savings could be gained. We need to stop "privatizing" federal jobs and paying a contractor nearly double for the same work that the federal worker does. Think how much savings could be had if the shadow government of contract workers were laid off and in their place a federal worker were hired! We could save about 83% of the cost of paying for contractors and have the same job done in-house. Al Gore's reinvention of government has caused a cost explosion for labor, and it was on the "private" side of the federal vs. private sector pay.
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  • Explosion of contractors
    Have to agree with you that Al Gore's project stinks. Let us not forget how it was expanded under George Bush.
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