6:56 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Military and "mystery meat" ban
    The article states that the military is making "progress" in dealing with its calorically-challnged troops, spending a billion dollars a year in this effort. Having served for over 30 years in the "Green Machine" myself and from personal ad hoc observation of members of the other military services in joint service settings, I can affirm that there is indeed a problem here; however, it is of the military's own making. Each service has retention standards, including bars on re-enlistment and promotion for those exceeding weight standards, but they are not being rigorously or consistently enforced (especially in the case of officers who are sheltered by higher grade protectors). If the current unofficial toleration phenomenon was ended, you would quickly see an end to the problem, via either quick voluntary weight loss or equally quick departure of those who chose not to meet retention standards. The old term "shape up or ship out" should truly characterize the miltary's response by enforcement of existing retention requirements. And there's also a billion saved toward the military's cost-cuttimg and downsizing goals.
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