6:41 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • NOT for what Telework was designed for!!!
    "Department of Veterans Affairs attorney was counting on the flexibility that telework offers to help him care for his toddler . . " The GOVERNMENT has stated what you are allowed to do while you telework AND 'taking care of a toddler' is NOT ONE OF THEM!! When you telework, you are SUPPOSED to work just like you are at the office. You DON'T get time to take your kid to daycare or take care of a sick family member or go grocery shopping or any of those types of things!!! ONLY WORK!!!!
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  • Agreed
    I agree. I'm a big proponent of telework, and trust-challenged VA managers who don't encourage it need to be set straight. However, child care is not authorized as a reason to telework. I can see an occasional exception for it, but not as part of a long-term agreement.
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  • View from different angle
    I'm a govie now but when I was in the private they really don't care how/when/where you do your work. Just as long as you are held accountable for your work when it is due. One can look at telework as not having to drive in and work a straight uninterrupted 8-9 hours minus lunch/break. One can look at telework as a mitigation to helping family life. Either way private or government everyone should be held accountable for the outcome of your work. There is no sense in me being in the office doing work for 2 hours out of 8, vs me being at home doing 8 hours out of say 15 if I choose to stretch it out that long by taking care of my kids. There is more then one way to skin a cat and I don't believe any one way is correct.
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  • Performance Measures
    I used to have the same warden-mentality as CommonSense, but then we moved to a "pay for performance" system in our agency, which emphasizes the outcome of your work. Just because someone is on the clock for 8 hours certainly doesn't mean that they are actually working. You have to implement measures for the employees to meet. If they don't meet those measures, remove the teleworking priviledge from them until they understand that it's a PRIVILEDGE, not a right. If the employee is watching his toddler while trying to meet the performance measures, he may find that teleworking isn't the right solution for him. But, he shouldn't be penalized before he is given the opportunity.
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  • Understanding
    I completely understand that when you are teleworking you should be working. I have teleworked before and I have taken a break to go to the grocery store and I have also ended up working more than an 8 hour work day. I don't think someone should be penalized for watching over their child and working. I have coworkers that come to the office and go to the mall for a few hours. No one has a problem with them, but mention telework and everyone all of a sudden has an issue. I think managers and employees should have an open mind about telework. And managers should be more understanding when it comes to their employees needs....they do promote work-life balance quite a bit!! It's about time they start believing in it!
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  • Understanding
    This may be one of the reasons managers are loathe to let their employees telework: "at the mall for a few hours" during the workday. No telling what they're up to when absolutely nobody's around to monitor them. I see no problem with an employee teleworking when an older child or teen is sick. However "working" and taking care of a healthy toddler is a totally different situation. An honest employee will accurately document his time ("I only worked about three hours yesterday. I spent the rest of the day running behind Junior. Please charge me five hours of annual leave.")
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  • This has been going on for a while at the VA
    I received a call last year from an ex-Marine who now works for the VA n California. He requested to telework a couple of days a week, checked all of the prerequisites, and determined he was eligible. He was turned down. He was told by his supervisor that the reason was that he was not eligible. That was it. I called the VA on his behalf and was told telework was a privilege and not a right. If his supervisor says he is not eligible, it will go no farther. something must be done. Chuck Wilsker The Telework Coalition Washington, DC
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  • AMEN regarding NOT what telework was designed for!
    Apparently SOME folks have not read up on the telework regulations or the idea of "toddler care" while teleworking, wouldn't even be up for discussion! If he was doing it because he was closer to the day care provider for picking the child up on time, that's one thing, but having the toddler home with him is a direct contradiction to telework regulations! And to the person who commented about work-life balance....not buying that either. You get paid to perform 40 hours of work a week like folks have done for generations! People should make choices about WHERE they work, WHERE they live, WHAT activities they get their kids involved in, etc., based on an expectation they need to WORK 40 hours a week! This sense of entitlement people have, just slays me! UNBELIEVABLE! And how is it fair to those people who are not coded to telework, that those who have the good fortune of working from home, shouldn't have to be held to the letter of the law when it comes to this? It's already a "perk" of sorts that you don't have to spend time or expense commuting and can sit in your PJ's all day, if you want, when working from home. Feds already have a bad name in private industry and dialogue like this just fuels the fire! And going to the mall for a few hours....I won't even get started on that rant! UNBELIEVABLE and even more shocking to think that someone believes that's "OK" to do during the work day! WOW!
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