3:12 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Unbelievable
    The GOP hitting civil servants on EVERY bill has turned our govt into a farce. This is at 5th bill currently in progress, all going after civil servants to pay for their next great idea. PS: Currently a registered republican...stay tuned. Hey Google, how do I switch???
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  • 2 million votes you will lose
    Hey rich boy republican politicians! You are going to have a majority of angry fed punching bags voting against you next election time. Do you think you can afford to lose a majority of 2 million votes? Pay back is a "bear" and you'll be feeling it at election time. But you don't have any problems being in the pocket of some rich oil company, do you? You are nothing but HYPOCRITES.
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  • Republicans' ideological posturing
    The annual deficit is running around $1,300 billion. This cut will save about $1 or $2 billion. There's no real effect here on the deficit, only on a bunch of fed workers who have already had their pay frozen for two years. It's a cynical and cowardly response that will not address the real problems; namely Medicare, Medicaid, Defense and Social Security. So, when they've thrown all the fed workers into the gutter and saved $5 billion, then what?
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  • So far all very good comments
    I'm voting Republican for President, but I will vote Democrat for all congressional seats because of the foolishness of the republicans in office now. $4 Billion a year savings is nothing compared to the savings available in fixing entitlement programs and the pillaging that Defense Contractors in the DoD do everyday. Have you seen that commercial where the couple is losing all their home items and they are just giving them away to thieves. Welcome to the DoD! It's not the Federal worker who is overpaid or getting too much in benefits. Good luck in the future trying to get even good Federal employees. Cut off your nose to spite your face idiots! I for one will not vote for anyone who doesn't support the federal workforce and who thinks that they are a source of making things right. The reason Feds are targeted and not contractors is because we don't put money into the pockets of Congressmen and women the way the contractors do. My Congressman (Roscoe Bartlett) was one of only two Republicans to vote AGAINST the pay freeze recently. He'll get my vote for that alone.
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  • Are you kidding ... yourself?
    Jerry A.
    1. Roscoe Bartlett is so deep in bed with the Tea Party that he votes against any common sense legislation. He has voted for any legislation that cuts our benefits. He is no friend of the federal worker. 2. How can you say that you will "vote Democrat for all congressional seats because of the foolishness of the republicans in office now", then turn around and say that you will vote for far right wing Roscoe? Bartlett marches in lockstep with the rest of the Republicans, no matter how crazy their ideas. And he is proud of it!
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  • Maybe he does on all other issues,
    Maybe Federal pay and benefits is not your main issue. But it's a fact that he voted with the local representatives (who as you know are almost all democrats) against the 2013 pay freeze. Therefore other than Bartlett who is my representative in congress I will vote for anyone who supports my "economy". Both parties have their problems, but I have to vote to protect my interests. Federal pay and benefits is it to me. Why I won't vote for Obama? So many reasons. Obamacare for one. I'm almost ready for medicare and I don't like what is down the tracks. I'm not going to get into politics with you, because you are obviously very democrat and have unflinching devotion to your party. I'm a registered democrat, but I vote for the person that I agree with most, no matter which party.
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  • Medicare only?
    I will admit that I have voted Democrat for president in every election since 1984 and 1980 was a huge mistake. I voted for one Republican senator (a moderate) until he was voted out of office, but voted Democrat for the other senator and Representative. This is for disclosure. My question is which Republican would you vote for as President? If that one is not nominated would you vote for anyone but Obama? Look at what the Repubs want to do with our health plans. At least you have that. G-d knows what they want to do with social security, which is important if you are on FERS. If you were on CSRS, then the high 5 nonsense they advocate would cost you. There is more than just medicare here.
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  • Fed Up
    Being a federal worker isn't a walk in the park. Many times over my 22 years I have thought of leaving, but what keeps me on are the benefits and the retirement. Being a single parent, it is what I'm counting on. Long term fed employees carry a great deal of programatic knowledge that new employees take a long time to grasp. If you take away the insentive to stay on, the institutional knowledge will fade away. I've seen the other comments here and I agree - the onslaught is relentless and I am fed up! When do we march on Washington?
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  • Blame Obama  (Flagged as Abuse)
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  • Wow
    and I thought both parties were the friends of federal workers.....
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