4:24 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Chopra and Innovation
    A clear vision and strategy are key stepping stones for meeting the administration's innovation objectives. A study of the last 20 years to break down the cultural barriers reveal some tried and true approaches by public/private partnerships that enabled innovation outside the traditional acquisition bureaucracy; Highway1, Open GIS, Council for Excellence in Govt to name a few. Thanks to DARPA, we also have a perfect contracting vehicle called an Other Transaction Authority, which is designed for non-traditional suppliers and innovators who are impeded by the insular nature of the Defense Industrial Complex. A new concept has recently re-emerged called the Solution Architecture Innovation Lab (SAIL), which integrates sound concepts of both UL and In-Q-Tel, providing a shared resource for exploring the realm of the possible. Potomac Institute and 14 other IT-AAC partners are working out the details. Innovators welcome....
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