1:36 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Issa wants to pillage Fed retirement
    Pragmatic Voice
    So sad, the GOP. They know they are on their last few incremements of time. Like the dinosaurs with the meteor twinkling in the sky, soon to be extinct.
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  • I'm appalled and shocked, no, dismayed and outraged, that Feds actually have a retirement system
    Shocked I tells ya!
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  • The next question
    After Congress reduces the size of the "bloated" federal work force, they will want to know why all the extra work is not being done. Get a Congress that can add 1+1, and they may figure it out on their own.
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  • Proposed Changes to Federal Retirement
    If what I have read is passed, not only will it hasten retirements, but it will erase the major incentive for Americans to work for their Government. It takes a big commitment to come to the high cost DC area. I know, I made that commitment 47 years ago, and never regretted it.
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