12:35 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.): hypocrisy they witness in their Congress
    deployed decoy
    Now I know one congressman I would target with a drone when the Supreme Court rules congress a domestic enemy of the USA. Most fools in congress are not around 30 years. The ones that are, generally over 62. Thus the FERS Social Security Supplement might negatively impact 1% of elected officials. It would be much easier for Congress to eliminate this FERS retirement provision for Cabinet level, political appointees and elected officials and leave the GS9s of the world out of it. If the good congressman really wanted to make an impact that showed congress was not in this for the perks. The Bill would eliminate all retirement benefits for all elected officials, imposed a term limit of 8 years for the House and 12 years for the Senate and set pay at GS11 for both the House and Senate as entry level (first term in office), maxing out at GS14 for the Speaker of the House.
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  • Pay freeze, No WGI, Change to high 5
    What an effect on morale. For this CSRS employee, my hopes and dreams are vanishing for even a modest retirement and forcing decisions to be made a hair's breath short of 30 years of loyal and patriotic service. I regret to say that I am not alone and morale has taken a nose dive within the rank and file of the Federal workforce due to the potential for broken promises hanging over our heads. Being a conservative, I am outraged at the like minded members of congress to reduce our military to a dangerous level and make the Federal Civilian employment opportunity so unattractive that as you state "less than 3% of college grads will enter Federal Service". This was not only a secure place to work for many years but one with great opportunity even if we were paid less than industry. It gave the average American citizen an opportunity to show his/her patriotism and support the country in a way that would otherwise not be open to them. Wake up Congress, breaking promises made to the more senior employees with a good track record sets a precedent and discourages future generations to follow in our footsteps. I am so afraid that the Federal ranks will not reflect the skills and number of talented employees to support our nation in the future.
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  • A broken promise
    Back in the early 1980's my agency was under fire from OMB and we thought we might not last. When I began in 1983, I was under CSRS but OPM and the very government I've served for 29 years solicited me to change retirement plans. We were given pamphlets, memorandums and videos to watch to help us make an "informed decision". Given the uncertain nature of our status I made the change from CSRS to FERS. I was told at the the time that my election of FERS was irrevocable, there was no going back to CSRS. Now 29 years later at age 55 I'm hearing that the FERS promise, including that FERS supplement that was promised to me at the time I elected FERS (that irrevocable decision)is not going to be backed up my government and that I'll have to work at least an additional 6 years. Never did I dream that my government wouldn't honor it's word.
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  • FedUp
    I contribute 6% a pay period to my retirement. Why should I have to pay more? The way Republicans are running this country into the ground, it wouldn't surprise if before long, the jobs in the federal government are outsourced to China.
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  • Fed Up
    I am retired but as a CSRS person paid 7% into my retirement and an additional 1.45% for Medicare so I don't sympathize with you too much.
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  • RE Fed Up
    I recall your csrs annuity calculation is twice as large as with FERS (2% compared to 1% per year). And you paid how much into Social Security? Nobody wants your sympathy.
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  • Evidently, Congress wants a workforce full of non high school grads and scum.,
    Kind of what DC government has. I will not be voting for my incumbant this election.... if my vote counts then he is so FIRED! And about those broken promises... a very similar scenario to the promise of free lifetime medical and educational benefits if you stay in the military for 20 years. Liars!
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  • FERS Supplement
    25 years ago, Congress forced federal employees from the CSRS retirement plan to FERS. If Congress reneges on the retirement plan that THEY CREATED for federal employees, then they should let all federal employees revert back to a CSRS retirement pension. And also, they should refund all the FICA taxes we've paid over our 20+ year careers, for FERS retirement purposes. I for one will sign right up.
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  • harvey
    Iowa Park,Texas
    I was and still am a CSRS memeber. As I remember it we were encouraged to change to FERS but not forced to. You should have just said NO. Remember any time someone from Government or Management shows up and says " I am here to help you RUN or bend over and grab your ankles.
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