7:59 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • My Father Was Not a Contractor
    deployed decoy
    Mike, I could not agree more. I remember circa 1986 and interest rates of 16% or something on the house I was living in. The owner had walked away, in the daze before walking away from a bank loan was cool. The place was in great shape, over 6 months of payments in the rears due. I offered the bank the loan balance with no retroactive interest, the bank pay all the closing costs, and give me a great 12% loan. They balked and said they would sell it for $1000s more. So I left on an overseas assignment and 9 months later the bank sold that place for some $15000 less than my offer had been. Banks it appears never learned a thing. Same with DoD. For every federal employee in my little world there are around 10 contractors. All the contractors were hired with no A76 study. DoD did release a memo that in the future all contracts would follow A76 procedures late last year, yet to be followed. Many are left over from no bid contracts. In Germany the German federal Govt will not let one German national employee (working for the USA) be terminated or retired, unless or until 2 US contractors not paying German federal income tax are fired first. There is one exception to that. If the USA pays the German worker the same salary they would have earned until 62 (in a lump sum) and then pays full retirement for that worker (when they turn full retirement age), the USA can terminate a German. So I ask DoD how many contractors are going to be let go, for every US federal employee on the pay roll, and if this is not going to happen is DoD going to pay me full salary for the next 6 years to leave the office lights on for the contractors.
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  • Inflation
    I'm sorry, but if anyone thinks that inflation is low these days, they're smoking something. EVERYTHING has gone up... electricity, natural gas, gasoline, food, cable, apartment rent, water, sewer. And the list goes on and on.... The government doesn't know how to calculate real cost of living inflation (or unemployment).
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  • My sentiments exactly
    Everything I buy is going up in price: elec, heat, gas & food. Not counting health & insurance. And don't forget, have you seen used car prices lately? Too bad the TSP doesn't have a CAR fund because that "C" is up a lot more than what we've got!
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  • Inflation
    The larges piece of the inflation pie is housing. Housing has dropped like a rock and still dropping. So everything else goes up and we look pretty neutral.............I remember in the early 80's when my sister-in-law got a home loan at 18% in Silver Springs, MD. Ouch............we felt we were lucky in the West as hour fixed was only 15%. So we took an Arm at 13% than maxed out at 15% and could drop to 10%. Luckily for us, it dropped to 10% within a few years. Now the value of our home also dropped for 3 years, remained stable for about 5 years, then sky rocketed the last 3 before we sold it to move. So 8 years from 2008 is about 2016. Don't be in a big hurry for home prices to go up, because they are not any time soon.
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  • Wrong priorities again
    Bill Samuel
    The bloated, Orwellian named "defense budget" (it's really military spending and I believe it actually makes us weaker) makes up over half of all relatively controllable Federal spending. And they propose to rescue it by going after civilian workers once more (note Obama gave lower raised to civilian tnan military workers before). We spend almost as much on the military as the rest of the world combined. We are #1 in the military but range anywhere from the 30's to the 80's in our ranking in measures of social well-being. It should be fairly obvious that our priorities are all screwed up. We need to drastically cut the war budget and step up social and economic welfare spending to get this country on a sound basis. History shows that all empires collapse. The American empire is collapsing now. Why can't we learn from history and turn away from world domination with our military scattered over about 1000 foreign military bases to a more constructive posture that offers a better future for the U.S. and much of the rest of the world?
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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  • cakes and circuses
    Federal Labor is < 5% of the entire budget. Get back to the American people when you plan on making real progress on the 95% that will make a difference. The public is tired.
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  • From there to here
    I would hope that most people could understand, many Govt employees are closer to retirement than being entry level. Pay should be frozen at the top two steps of Grade 14 and 15s. The younger people who need to come to Govt service to ensure our Govt will function in the future need to see value in working for the Federal Govt, today they don't see any value to themselves or their career by being in Govt service. Just like the million dollar a year wonders in private industry who should pay more in taxes ... all those in Govt making over $130,000 should have their pay frozen (from the President down). I could see Alaska, LA, Brussles, Rome, Berlin, Japan, NYC, Chicago and a few other super high cost of living areas not being frozen at all. I would hope that the entry level folks would be able to move up the ladder and steps with cost of living increases as an incentive to stay. A new entry level employee with a computer or networking degree will make about $45K in the Federal Govt, in private industry they make about $60K (Congress calls this a good deal). Congress is unwilling to think about Govt in 10 - 12 years down the road, most of them will not be in Office past 7 or 8 years so why should they care. Getting off the subject but; here is a suggestion, all new Cogressmen and Senators need to start as a GS-5 (step 1) and be eligable for a one grade promotion once a year up to a GS-9 then every other year per grade level up to a GS-12 then three years to a 13 ... 5 years to a 14 and 5 more years to get a 15 (their pay will be based on the rate of pay in the local area they represent). They should have all the restrictions Govt employees have on their personal lives and hold the highest securty clearences. They should be required to take polygrahs when they are first elected in a new Office that are focused on misuse of authority, investment fraud and counter intelligence and be required to retake them every three years. If they fail any of the polygraph's or can not maintain a security clearence (updated every 5 years with a new background investigation) for any reason, they will be fired, removed from Office and their seat must remain vacant until the next elelction (unless the President has a person to assign the Seat to [it always pays to be the highest ranking person in Govt]). This will give the local people a longer period of time to find a more approperate person to send to Washington next time. But hey this is off subject and I am sorry for using the soap box.
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  • Freeze 14, 15 etc?
    We should not be freezing their salaries either. At least, in theory, they are supervising others. If they are good, they probably make a good deal less than those supervisors in private industry. If they are good, they should know the jobs of their subordinates and should be able to help if needed. (Notice I said should) My manager does qualify in these areas. He is a very good manager. If the 14 is not a manager, he should be doing highly technical work that is very difficult. It would be a bad idea to freeze his salary because one would refuse the promotion if it does not pay. (Apply she to he when appropriate) I would not be affected by this because I am not a 14, 15, or anything like that.
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