4:23 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Pay and Step Freezes versus tax revenues
    If the Republicans offered a tax increase for the top 5%, bringing them back to 1980 rates -- or earlier -- maybe I could see these efforts as somehow serious and fair. I cannot understand how any Federal worker or retiree who is even basically literate could vote for any candidate running for office as a member of the Republican Party. Actually, I can't see how any American who is in the lower 95% of incomes could vote Republican. The Republicans speak of Social Security benefits as if recipients hadn't paid into the system all of their working lives. Similarly, they want to cut Federal retirement benefits as if those benefits were charitable gifts and not something every career Federal worker has pays for every working day of her/ his Federal career. But the vast wealth of the top 5% is off limits. The top 5%, we are told, need to pay less and less, while the rest of us pay (by virtue of benefits and pay cuts) more and more. If they were really interested in "shared sacrifice" they'd be going after the 50% of America's wealth owned and controlled by that top 5% -- not just the 50% that the "lower 95% have. Republican policies will allow our 50% share of America to erode -- worse, to migrate to the coffers of the upper 5%.
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  • No need to worry.....
    Obama would never sign a bill into law that would cut our benefits or freeze our pay beyond the current two years. I know I know, he did freeze our pay in 2011 and 2012 and that decision did come when the Dems had super majorities in both the House and Senate, but he did propose a whopping 0.5% raise for 2013. I agree, why would any sane person ever vote for someone other than Obama. When he said he was going to "fundamentally change" America I could have sworn he meant change America to look more like Europe. Man, I wish those dastardly republicans would get out of his way so can complete the "transformation".
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  • I do worry
    I am afraid that the radical right republicans will continue to block Obama from trying to get recovery by stimulating the economy. They filibuster anything they do not like. Their proposals stick it to the federal worker. Better Obama's .5% raise without touching our retirement plans than the republicans three year no raises, increased contributions to our pensions, high 5, and elimination of SSS (the last does not affect me)
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