10:18 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Not surprising
    JR Samples
    Many Federal offices cannot compete with private entities when it comes to continuing education and other fringe benefits. The number (2.3%) actually looks high to me when comparing the relative sizes of the workforces.
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  • Not interested in being a fed?
    Multi-year pay freezes, talk of cuts in benefits and constant vilifying by the press and politicians...is it any surprise that employment in the federal government is not terribly attractive to college students? Not to me.
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  • And
    Sam B
    And that's part of the reason why some federal employees get paid higher than their private counterparts. If the resource pool is smaller, then the resources are more valuable.
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  • Oh Congress
    Are you paying attention? If Federal employees are so overpaid, why aren't more college students and graduates considering joining the ranks? This is not boding well for the future of the government if we can't get good smart people to service America.
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  • Hopefully, the Congressional phacktards will pay attention.
    Their own budget office determined that feds with higher degrees actually make 23% less that their private counterparts.
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