9:56 am, May 27, 2015

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  • We are missing the big picture
    All federal employees are tired of walking around with targets on their backs. Recession is behind us, until the facts are evaluated. Government employees often align themselves with "tea party" philosophies and are at rallies. Then we target faceless bureaucracies and forget "they" are "we," only we do have faces and we do strive to get the job done. I am a professional with an advanced degree, yet once I leave the federal workforce, I will be severely restricted in applying my craft. Currently my civilian counterparts make between 25 to 60 percent more than their government counterparts. I have been told for the good of the country, I too must forgo pay raises, while I see the government contractors routinely applying raises and bonuses to their employees. The real "bureaucrat" who should be the focus of the current problem is the elected official who fails at their constitutional obligation to provide for the operation of the government by not passing a budget as they are required to do. Here is a novel idea, why not have the US Marshall's service round up the whole lot once they concede they will not be finished in time, and move them all to the "grey bar" hotel, and not let them out until they meet their obligation. After all, they sought that job out as well. Anytime that Congress restricts compensation in a fashion that causes a reduction in real income of federal employees, how about removing "all post federal service restrictions?" That might really open the floodgates, and those manning levels just might be reached quicker than expected, although those left behind will be sorely over-tasked. Unfortunately the present circumstance will not go away. Congress proved that when they set up their deficit reduction super-committee which said we really can't make a positive decision so lets kick the can down the road. In the meantime arguments between federal workers and contractors will continue, federal verses private sector will dispute over who is over or underpaid, and as long as we point fingers at each other, we will miss the big picture.
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