9:54 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Faulty Headlines
    Dan at IRS
    Glad you corrected the headlines Federal News Radio kept announcing this evening. I read the report. It had absolutely nothing to do with either the accuracy of IRS' IRDM system or it's credibility. In classic GAO style, they seemed to have sent in a bunch of CPAs who focussed exclusively on whether, or not, the IRS was accounting for the monies spent on the program. They failed the system, and right they should because the Bureau seemed to not know exactly how much it planned to spend, or had spent to date. All good stuff mind you, but having nothing to do with whether, or not, the concept was sound and the system worked efficiently. I thought that it was disingenuous for the GAO auditor not to correct the misconception live and on air.
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