6:50 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Do Feds have any Clout?
    Yes. Yes we do! Many of us aren't afraid to start Tweeting, emailing and calling when we see something wrong that will harm our careers, our families or our communities. Most of us have lived through the Reagan years and know that these things pass. No matter what party you are, you soon find that Republicans hate us and Democrats see us as a vote they might need. What bothers me most now, is that Civil Servants ARE the middle class - we live paycheck to paycheck, we struggle with mortgages, car payments, educating our children and taking care of our aging parents...yet, at this point in time we are portrayed as no better than the "Welfare Queen" of old. Congress: Just Stop! It's rude. It's evil. It's a lie. Yet despite being the target du juor, we Civil Servants keep America running! We have vested interest in the reputation and success of our Country - Private Industry has vested interest in PROFIT. We innovate because we care, not for the potential profit. The Feds I know, aren't afraid to talk to their neighbors, sign a petition or take the day off to go talk to their Congressperson. We are the backbone of America. And we VOTE.
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  • To Career
    Great comments. I believe most of us think like you even when we bicker.
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