9:51 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Budgets, hiring
    Sam B
    Congress cuts budgets for technology upgrades and human resources and then complains that the technology is outdated and there aren't enough people to work through the backlogs. You reap what you sow. Obviously, the way to fix the problem is the put in a government-wide hiring freeze and federal employee workforce reduction bill to pay for the DOD.
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  • You FERS people should keep working
    Norman's Mother
    until OPM fixes the retirement backlog. You spooks won't find work as contractors because the IC's cutting back. Contractors aren't hiring security clearances so just get over it. However, if you insist on punching out most local school districts are hiring bus drivers. The job pays well except you'll have split shifts. On the up side, you can have a nice long lunch. You'll also get off when it's too sunny, too cloudy, raining, snowing, blowing, holidays and numerous teacher "in-service" or other creative days off. I don't think you'll find the job overly-stressful as you won't be there much. Then there's always the local nurseries. Our yard needs to be re-graded so we intend to seek bids for the job. We would pay retired Feds more, so think about it. There's also the basement-finishing and remodeling biz. Last but least, we recently had lunch at our local Macaroni Grill and they could have used three more lunch servers. Our service was so slow I almost volunteered to step up and start serving, gratis!
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