5:00 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Deadwood? In the Army?
    My God, where would you start?
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  • What they really mean is!
    What they really mean to say is if you can't run, your gone. It doesn't matter if you have a PHD, are the best computer person in the country or have 12 patents for new products that make the military better...if you can't run, your going to get thrown out!
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  • Army Reserve "deadwood"
    If the Reserve has deadwood personnel now - and it does, as I know from sad personal observation - they need to be weeded out now, not just because of some longer term potential program to make room for demobized active duty soldiers (who themselves, as defined, will not be wanted or needed in the reduced size active force (another category of deadwood?). The deadwood problem is not new, although it was far, far worse earlier when the Reserve and Guard were sen as refuges form the draft back before the draft was ended almost 40 years ago. Reserve leadership has failed to insist on high quality performance as a rigid condition of retention - and this includes both the many officers as well as enlisted who are mediocre at best. Otherwise we may wind up with an even larger deadwood problem down the road.
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