12:46 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Transit fare subsidy program
    I guess no one in Congress has bothered to listen to GAO, a legislative branch entity created to provide Congress with its own watchdog over the executive branch. GAO has issued a number of reports detailing the widespread abuse by recipients of transit fare subsidies, e.g., selling their fare vouchers over the internet, passing them on to friends or family members, etc., and - most damning - the continuing lack of effective oversight and accountability by agenices in administering the program. Begun back in the '90s, the srtated goal was to induce automobile commuters to use public transit systems instead. However, over the years it has very evidently become regarded as an entitlement "perk," as exemplified in the quoted whines out of NTEU regarding the hardship faced by those who may no longer get to ride on the public's dime. So sad. Hey, let's get real. The program has been an embarrassment from the get-go and at a time of extreme fiscal crisis, it is impossible to justify credibly its extension. NTEU should be ashamed of itself - but isn't, which says volumes about the lack of commitment to prudent use of taxpayer dollars and to the need to rein in out-of-control Federal spending.
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