8:59 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Allowing CSRS Retirees Into the TSP
    I believe that the feds should change the current rule and should allow all CSRS retired employees into the TSP. Many CSRS employees did not have much time to put funds into the TSP because the TSP did not start until the 1980's and back then you were allowed to only put in a minimum amount without no government matching into the G or F fund. Many CSRS employees had rough times. Now that I am retired from the CSRS and a senior citizen, I would have more fund options, more time to manage, larger percentage of deposits, and most importantly it gives CSRS seniors citizens a savings they are entitled to.
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  • TSP
    The TSP is just like an IRA or a 401(k), if you are working you can put into it. If the retired CERS Fed would like to get a job, they can contribute to one of these programs. Currenlty working CERS employees can put into the TSP, but they don't get the match.
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  • Couldn't Agree More!
    I'm a contrarian investor, and have used ONLY the C, S, and I funds during my relatively short (3 year) federal civilian career. My TSP balance crossed over the $100K mark last year. I'm sure the huge purchasing discout I was realizing during the 2008-2009 recession aided in my current balance, but Feds who have a "long view" AND are only using the G and F funds are DEFINITELY missing out on a money making opportunity!
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  • The I Fund
    I do not suggest investing in the I Fund. I inquired and was told the fund invests heavily in Europe and little, if anything, in emerging economies. The I Fund was the worst performer during Tax Year 2011.
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  • not from marrying well
    Mr. Causey shows a lack of understanding when he suggests that some large TSP balances may reflect someone having married well, that is to say a rich spouse. You could have married Theresa Heinz, the billionairess, as John Kerry did, and that would put you no further ahead as far as your TSP account than any other government employee at your pay level. The only way that money goes into a TSP account, whether directly or from a rollover of a 401(k) or other retirement plan, is after it has been earned, and the amount in the account grows (or shrinks) either through further contributions from additional earnings and/or appreciation of what is held in the TSP account. A rich spouse may make it easier for the individual to put away the maximum permissible each year, but the amount that goes in will always be capped, no matter how much money the spouse may have or the couple might like to put away.
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  • Those evil rich people
    I agree with Nancy Pelosi. The gov't should seize those million dollar retirement accounts and give it to those who are "unfortunate".
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  • Evil
    Evil evil people.
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  • To Rob
    I Hope you are kidding, right? The Government never takes from the rich, they take from the middle class and give to the poor, who don't want to work anyway. Why? They can live better on welfare than working. (Although I will admit, not in all cases.)
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  • Rob sounds like fiction to me
    I doubt that Nancy pelosi said or wrote what Rob said. Sounds like he is starting the Republican fiction that Republicans love to do during election years.
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  • "Who's the $4 million fed?" Really, Mike?
    FERS Fed
    Why the provocative headline? Isn't it apparent that conservative talk radio hosts, Ron Paulists, and so-called 'patriots' of the lunatic fringe Tea Party will seize on your headline to continue to attack 'vastly overpaid' federal employees? Their followers don't make it beyond headlines, and certainly never deep enough into articles such as this to read that this very fortunate person didn't reach that balance by investing their federal salary, but by transferring private sector 401k money into the TSP. Why throw fuel onto the anti-fed 'fires'?
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  • Could be a FINO?
    That $4M TSP is a "fed in name only" account, since it wasn't created by the TSP but somewhere else.
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