3:48 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Hey House Members...
    Freezing your own pay at what, $200,000 a year? Tell you what. Increase the pay of all fed workers to the level of your pay and we will not complain about a freeze. Until then...PHACK YOU!
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  • When is Congress...
    When is Congress going to freeze their own pay? Someone needs to look at the benefits package that they recieve. Their Health care is far better than the Federal worker. Why isn't Congress under the same Retirement and Health Care benefits that Federal workers are under, after all they should be considered Federal employees since they are elected to office to represent their districts and shouldn't be given different benefits. To be fair, Health Care and Retirement Benefits should be the same across the board for Congress as well as the Federal employee.
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  • Decision is yours
    Want more benefits to be shrink? Vote GOP Want stable benefits? Vote DEM It can't get more blank and white folks.
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