4:12 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • DoD "reversibility" policy
    The policy is obviously still in a fluid stage. Its key point about being able to regenerate comabt capabilities quickly is critical as we enter into a downsizing of tthe active force. On the point made regarding retaining a high proportion of "mid-grade" (presumably meaning field grade O-4/6's) officers as part of the reversibility process, I believe that even more than such an officer cadre, what's needed is a solid cadre of seasoned, senior E-7/9 NCOs, who are the real backbone of day-to-day operational readiness. I served in many units over my 33 years in the "Green Machine," and can state unequivocably that without a well-trained, dedicated NCO core, no unit would ever be mission-ready and well motivated when called upon to trade the training ground for actual hostile engagement. Planners need to take note of this critical factor.
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  • Re: DoD "reversibility" policy
    Jeremiah, Flournoy left out the NCO part when she talked at ROA, but hanging onto the experienced enlisted cadre does seem to be part of the "reversibility" equation. The way most of the Pentagon leadership has been putting it over the past week has been along the lines of "mid-grade officers and NCOs."
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