11:41 am, May 24, 2015

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  • CBO report
    What the CBo report is really saying is that private concerns are not paying living wages for the less educated and the Fed Govt is not paying fair and competive wages for the more highly educated
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  • SAMP
    Thanks. That is the crux of it. Going to borrow your gem.
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  • I wonder
    I wonder how they compare the complexities of my job with private industry. Most of the representatives I go up against are CPA partners in small to medium size firms. Their hourly rates are a multiple of my hourly salary (Yeh, I know they pay expenses out of it). I believe, based on my observations of their business lifestyle, that their net profit is much more than my salary. I easily hold my own against them on issues. Therefore, again, I wonder how they measure the complexities of my job.
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  • Exactly
    With my job at the IRS, I'm assessing , abating, transfering payments, making adjustments...doing work that is well beyond all of the CPAs I know. Yet, they are grossing over $100,000.00 a year PLUS any bonuses. The CBO is a political entity whose numbers will be based on whoever is running the show; in this case, the Republicans. They must think we are idiots.
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  • perhaps you should seek employment elsewhere
    i mean, if you arent getting what you deem as fair compensation, its time to move on ... You arent a slave and noone forces you to work where you work ...
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  • Bias title
    So it's smear everywhere that Govies earns so much more then private. Yet this is only true at the lower pay range. Why don't these news organizations take the higher pay range and say Federal lags behind XXX percent behind private? How much did the GOP paid these news organizations to twist the truth?
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