8:19 am, May 23, 2015

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    deployed decoy
    So many problems with NSPS to list. A few. A 3 in NSPS what was the new 1. a Valued employee. Problem is the average in my last pay pool was a 4.1. Quite a few people rated the god like 5. One person I know went from GS11 to GS14 in around 3 years job hopping, never staying in one place in most cases for a full annual rating cycle... How is that possible. The time spent by everyone - more by management doing these ratings added $100M in lost productivity. Then the web based enterprise would not let most of my pay pool and raters in the application most of both pay pools. so people were forced to violate the law and input data after deadlines... I could go on and on. But PLEASE OPM do NOT let DOD run this science experiment again. We are still banned from the toxic waste created from the last time people made up rules as they went and let pay pool managers do just about anything they wanted to do behind closed doors.
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