6:50 am, May 29, 2015

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  • GSA Uses Reverse-"e-Bay-like" Auctions to Save Money
    Hi Guys: It seems only fair that for auctions marked by being fair and transparent that the "vendor" who provided the services be named: World Energy Solutions. Readers/listeners may also find it interesting that after the GSA New England Region electricity procurement results were made public, GSA Region 2 (New York, etc.) announced a similar success story with World Energy Solutions, one that netted GSA Region 2 over $35 million in savings. Links to both press releases follow here, as does a 2010 Fed News Radio interview with World Energy's CEO, Richard Domaleski. Real names of real companies doing great work for government entities are worth publishing: GSA New England press release: http://bit.ly/AjwZxT GSA Region 2 press release: http://bit.ly/yyxDVv World Energy interview: http://www.federalnewsradio.com/?nid=88&sid=2051949
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  • GSA Uses Reverse Auctions To Save Money
    Thank you for updating the article to name the auction vendor, World Energy Solutions.
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