1:56 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Fed Workers: A Dirty Secret?
    Lisa Lisa
    I would ever have expected Obama or any Democrat to talk about fed workers. After all, what could he say, that we are somehow suffering the same as millions of people out of work? Na. Not going to happen. We will be quietly addressed like we are somehow a little dirty secret. It doesnt bother me as long as the GOP doesnt make the fed worker a constant pawn and we are villafied. I dont think there was a lot in there for us other than perhaps there will be some new watchdog agencies and some realignments. Eh..its what happens every 4-8 yrs. We are like Oprah. One year we are ultra thin, the next we are ultra fat.I gotta tell you though, I am SO sick of politis. Its like we are living in a non-stop game. If its not local elections, then its congress and then its presidential. I am on politics overload. More and more I just block out all news!
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