11:18 am, May 22, 2015

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  • OPM latest effort to fix the retirement application process
    Unfortunately, OPM's Strategic Plan represents a "Back to the Past" approach that is ultimately counterproductive and inefficient. The reliance on yet more manual processors is a tacit admission that OPM does not have the in-house capability of managing and implementing the deperately needed IT solutions to a broken manual process. It's incredible that OPM has the chutzpah to trumpet its "new" approach with great fanfare when it basically constitutes an open admission of failure to be able to truly reengineer the civil service retirement application process to meet the needs of a 21st century workforce. Another unspoken aspect of this jejune approach is that the known human error factor in the manual processing function will contuinue to "rear its ugly head." Some years ago, in a report on OPM's stwardship of the retirment program, GAO stated that OPM experienced a 17% initial error rate in its retirement application processing function. Espcially with a large crew of "newbies" due to join OPM's processing staff, this will in all likelihood have at least an initially negative impact on processing timeliness and accuracy rates. Anyone contemplating retirement in the near future may well be in for having to deal with "issues."
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  • OPM
    I retired July 1st, 2011. As of January 23rd, 2012 (when I called OPM), my CSRS retirement package had just been sent to someone for processing. I was told it would probably be another two to three months before the review would be completed and I would start receiving my full retirement check. This is totally unacceptable. I know that my paperwork was complete because a Human Resource personnalist from my agency went to Washington and pulled all my SF-50's (as well as the SF-50's for eight people in my former agency). If she could do it, why can't OPM? I even volunteered to send them copies of all the paperwork and was told it wasn't necessary. Plus to put "fuel on the fire, one of my former co-workers who retired after me is now receiving her full check. Seems to me that OPM employees are possibly "picking and chosing" which paperwork they want to process and are NOT processing in the order received. This definitely (financially) hurts those of us who have to pay state income taxes (none is taken out of interim checks) and have huge medical bills coming due. OPM has also been hiring and training new people since the beginning of 2011 - at least according to all reports. Apparently, they did not hire enough "trainable" people and have to hire more. This is all a result of past years "downsizing" tactics.
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